The adventure continues- SNAKES!

Day 5 Heading home after our first long weekend at the Cabin, HOUSEMATE and I are feeling our age and also so happy with our new project.  We still have so much work to do.  As we are leaving the roofers arrive to start on the standing seam roof.  Somewhere in the middle of KY, […]

Day 4 at the Gray Wolf

Up at 6:30.  A quick trip into town for supplies and breakfast at McDonald’s Once returned, we started ripping out carpet in the two bedrooms and I am reminded again that I am no longer 20.  I also remember why I no longer have carpet in my house – YUCK! The new appliances arrive and […]

Day 2 and 3 at the Gray Wolf

Long, Long night. Up at 1:00 a.m. because all the air has leaked out of the ‘oh so comfortable’ air mattress.  We add air.  BBD decides she need to go out, so I take her out the back door where she refuses to leave the porch, just stands there with her head down and her ears perked, […]

Day 1 The refurbishing of the Grey Wolf

With the car and truck fully loaded with everything we think we might need, Gas tanks full and BBD in the front seat so excited she can hardly sit still, HOUSEMATE and I begin our first trek toward the cabin we have now named Grey Wolf Retreat.  (HOUSEMATE fancies his totem is the grey wolf).  […]

A new adventure!

It has been 6 months since my last post, but it seems more like two weeks.  The last months have blown by in a frenzy of a new job and a life long dream realized. When my kids were pre-teens, HOUSEMATE and I took our first trip to Tennessee.  We fell in love with it […]

Give Away

To all my crafty friends – FaveCrafts is giving away a huge prize of over $1,000. of craft supplies. Check out the link above to enter by February 28!   Contessa

Quick Solution

The beautician in the assisted living community where I work said she was have a problem keeping everyone’s glasses sorted, once they took them off while she was working on them.  Here is a quick solution to this or perhaps other storage issues you may have. I took a small wooden crate, about 8 X […]

February Remake Challenge

The first remake challenge for February is this: One of my readers wanted to turn this old entertainment center into a play station for her toddler son.  While I have seen many ideas like this for little girls, I have not seen any for little boys, let’s see what we can do with this one. […]

Bottle Slumping

  The last new technique I tried this month was with much help and cooperation from my good friend, Mademoiselle Arriere GraMere.   Mlle GraMere has a kiln and after searching dozens of on line how to sites, we finally decided on some instructions for slumping bottles in a kiln that we both could understand.  After […]

February Challenge

Have you got some ‘junque’ laying around the house that is too cool to throw out, but you’re not sure what to do with it? Send me a picture and brief description.  February will be dedicated to turning your own trash into treasure.  I might even do a remake on your ‘junque’ myself!. Send pictures […]