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Contessa EauCrafty

Growing up as an only child, I learned early how to entertain myself.  Imagination was the key to my entertainment.  With the help of my imaginary friends and my steadfast pets, I could go anywhere and be anything I could dream up.  As I grew up and had to become ‘responsible’ I never lost the […]

I Found My Marbles!

One day while perusing my favorite ‘ junque’ supply shop. I came across a bag of big blue shiny marbles – for 99 cents! Noting my excitement, HOUSEMATE asked “What did you find?” “This!” I replied, holding up my prize,  eyes now as shiny as the marbles. “What are you going to do with it?” He asked […]

Wine Glass Charms using Corks

  Every wine bottle has a cork, so what are we to do with all those cute little things lying around?  You could collect them in a cute little container, but where is the adventure in that? I decided to make wine glass charms with them.  I chose a light new type cork and an […]

Party Lights from Soda Bottles

Party Lights from Soda Bottles After a hard day of blogging and crafting, I was sitting on my deck contemplating the bean field, talking to Big Black Dog and drinking a soda.  Did you know those plastic cola bottles have some really cute designs in them?  Hmmm… Here is what you will need; about 6 […]

Wine Bottle Lights

    Wine is a very hot commodity right now, both drinking and for crafting.  New wineries are popping up almost weekly and with that – lots of bottles, corks and other grape themed items. Lights from wine bottles are one of my favorite things to make.  I’ve seen them in shops and on line […]

More Cork Crafts

Still more corks lying around, begging to become something awesome.  My favorite saying, Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much comes to mind.  Why not incorporate this into a display using three Champaign corks in my collection. For this project you will need:  Three similar corks, small magnets,  polymer clay,  acrylic paint and small paint brush, sparkly […]

Sea Side Travel Journal

I always seem to find myself in possession of several notebooks used by businesses to advertise their company and products.  They are general a really handy size to easily slip into your purse or suitcase.  But they are usually ugly, so I have this irresistible urge to decorate them and turn them into a treasure […]

Sea Side Zen Garden

This picture of a beach at Cape Cod hangs on my living room wall.  It was taken by my daughter and I look at it daily when I need a Zen moment.  This month’s featured project is a sea side table top Zen garden to enhance  the moment. Using many beach items I’ve collected through the […]

Sea Shell Jewelry

Standing in the surf on Sanibel Island, holding this shell, HOUSEMATE inquired, “What do you have there?”  I showed him this shell.  “It’s broken, it’s got holes in it” he replied.   “Yes, I know, it’s PERFECT”.   “Sigh”.   Three symmetrical holes on each side, this shell was just begging to come home with me and become a […]

Beachy Candle Holder

During a trip to Lake Erie, I gleaned several pieces of drift wood off the beach.   These can be used in all sorts of decorating ideas.  I chose to make a candle holder with one of the pieces. You will need: Driftwood beach themed decorations a tea light candle hot glue First decide where you […]