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victorian wall grouping

One of my rummage sale  ‘finds’ this past month was a package of laser cut 1/8 inch balsa circles.  The decorating ideas that came to mind are endless.  They would be great just painted in bright colors and used on kid’s room walls, or placed on top of small candle holders to make mini cake […]

Cell Phone Solutions I

My techie skills are still in the dark ages, as are my cell phones – both personal and work phones, however, I had one pet peeve about them.  The chargers and cords.  My work phone’s charger stayed on my desk and the cord was forever falling down between the desk and the file cabinet and […]

Cell Phone Solutions II

My second pet peeve about cell phone chargers, is the one for my personal phone,  I don’t seem to have a place to put it near an outlet, so it winds up on the floor or I move furniture to hold the phone while it charges.  Using the same Deco Den medium, some acrylic paint, […]