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Misltetoe 12/ 17

  It wasn’t until the 18th or 19th centuries, that the British started hanging mistletoe as part of Christmas celebrations. In an 1820 story, Washington Irving described Christmas decorations that included “the mistletoe, with its white berries, hung up, to the imminent peril of all the pretty housemaids. Charles Dickens paints a scene of mass […]

Two Turtle Doves 12/16

  There are several legends about the two turtle doves, but my favorite is the one from the movie, “Home Along”  We are told that the turtle doves represent friendship and love and you give one to a very special friend and keep the other one for yourself.  As long as each person has a […]

The Christmas Star 12/15

The story of the Christmas star is known by everyone, the night Jesus was born, a new star appeared in the heavens and led everyone to the child in the manger.  Unfortunately, my pictures for folding this star were lost, but this link has step by step easy to follow instructions. Once the star was […]

The Bird’s Nest 12/14

It is said, that the person who finds a bird’s nest in their Christmas tree, will have good luck through out the coming year.   I started with several strands of raffia, sprayed it with some adhesive and then worked it into the shape of a bird’s nest. (wear some disposable plastic gloves and the […]

Christmas Bees 12/13

Appalachian Christmas lore inspired this Bee Hive ornament; The Bees hum from dusk until dawn, some say they sing the 100th hymn.  They swarm out at midnight on old Christmas. I  had two bee skep halves in my stash of Scrapbooking supplies.  I glued them together and then added some glitter and some scrapbook bees.  Add […]

Tabby Cat Legend 12/12

The Legend of the Tabby Cat tells the story of when the baby Jesus was lying in the manger, he began to shiver from the cold. Mary draped blankets over the infant, but he continued to shiver. She spoke softly. “I don’t know what to do. I thought you were hungry, so I fed you. […]

Christmas Stocking 12/11

There was once an old widower who had three daughters.  They were quite poor and while the daughters had come of age to be married, the father had no money for dowries.  One night, the three girls had washed their clothing and hung their stockings by the fire place to dry.  It so happens that St. Nicholas was visiting […]

The Candy Cane 12/10

      The Legend It is widely believed that the candy, which earlier was straight as a stick, was given its distinctive J-shape by a German choirmaster. It is said that during service one evening, the children were being very loud and noisy, creating quite a ruckus and not paying any attention to the […]

The Donkey 12/9

The Legend of the Christmas DonkeyOnce there lived a little donkey whose owner beat him daily. A gentle man named Joseph felt sorry for the donkey and paid a high price for him. Joseph and his pregnant wife, Mary, were kind to the donkey, who felt happy again. Joseph told the donkey he needed his […]

Icicles 12/8

  Icicles are sometimes used as a tree decoration. As per an old story, the Christ child took shelter for a night under a pine tree. When the tree realized that it was caring for Jesus, tears of happiness fell from its branches. Angels blessed the tears and turned them into sparkling icicles. There are […]