A new adventure!

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It has been 6 months since my last post, but it seems more like two weeks.  The last months have blown by in a frenzy of a new job and a life long dream realized.

When my kids were pre-teens, HOUSEMATE and I took our first trip to Tennessee.  We fell in love with it and have visited several times a year since.  About 10 years ago, I started perusing the real estate sites in the hope of finding just the right place to buy, fix up and call our own near the Smoky Mountains.  We made several quick trips over the past few years to look at different places, but none were quite right – Until last April.  I found a great looking place on line one Sunday evening.  We made the arrangements to be off work that Tuesday and after work on Monday night, we packed an overnight bag and some sandwiches and headed down to Sevierville.  The next day we visited the place.  Tucked back on 2 1/2 acres of trees and overgrown grass and bushes, there it was. Our dream.

2 bedrooms, two baths and (and I use the term very loosely) a guest house and utility shed.  a deck/porch wrapping around three sides, A big Bay window in the master bedroom and OMG – a claw foot bath tub in the master bathroom!  All pretty run down and in need of a LOT of TLC and elbow grease, but it was indeed everything we were looking for.  We made the offer that day and headed back to Indiana that afternoon.  With the help of an awesome Realtor, Shannon Carroll, who helped us carry out all the transactions long distance, about a month later, we were the proud owners of what we now call ” The Grey Wolf Retreat”.

Since that time, I’ve gone (daily) between euphoria and feeling like I’m living the Chevy Chase movie; “Funny Farm”.  In our excitement of finally having our ‘cabin’ in Tennessee, HOUSEMATE and I forgot we are no longer in our 20’s.  Somehow, we don’t work as fast nor as long as we did back then, but SLOWLY we are turning ‘The Grey Wolf” into our retirement dream.

Grey Wolf Estate 999  Grey Wolf Estate 998

So I hope you will follow me on this adventure, my biggest ‘trash to treasure’ project so far to see if two old fogeys can turn this fixer upper into our retirement dream.



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