about Contessa EauCrafty

Growing up as an only child, I learned early how to entertain myself.  Imagination was the key to my entertainment.  With the help of my imaginary friends and my steadfast pets, I could go anywhere and be anything I could dream up.  As I grew up and had to become ‘responsible’ I never lost the thrill of turning every day items into something special.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been collecting ‘stuff’  that I thought was unique and could make into something awesome – some day, when I had time.

I stored it in boxes and baskets and when the boxes and baskets became cumbersome, I opened up a spare room to use as my craft room – some day, when I had time.

I lined the closet in that room with shelves and loaded my boxes and baskets onto those shelves and when that over flowed, I installed cabinets and a countertop to use as a workspace – some day, when I had time.

Over 40 years ago I married a man (Husband) who is Organized, Unimaginative, Sensible, Extremely Methodical And Tremendously Enduring. Hence forth  referred to as HOUSEMATE. Opposites really do attract!

Every time I would bring home another ‘treasure’ or I pick up an unusual rock or stick during one of our travel adventures, HOUSEMATE would ask, “what do you intend to do with that?”  My reply would almost always be “I don’t know yet, but isn’t it cool?”  causing HOUSEMATE to shake his head and sigh.

We still live in the house we built with our own hands 40 years ago in a small rural town in Indiana.   I love this town of approximately  1500 people, 275 pigs and 36 cows.  There used to be a flashing stop light in town, but it burned out and now we have just a 4-way stop.   Approximately 12 miles from most anything,  I get to use my super power of turning nothing into something quite often.

Son and Daughter are both grown and long ago moved to the big city to seek their fortunes,  We fill our empty nest with fuzzy kids.  They are, in order of acquisition;  Fuzzy Feline 1 – a very large black and white tuxedo cat who rules the kingdom,  Fuzzy Feline 2 – a Beautiful and sassy blue Persian female, Fuzzy Feline 3 – a large and lazy cream Persian Male (and my best buddy), Fuzzy Feline 4 -a sweet calico Persian female and one Big Black Dog.  All of whom assist me with my projects (regardless of if I need the help or not)

HOUSEMATE and I  have had many great adventures in our lifetime, and as we head quickly toward retirement, are looking forward to many more.

The things I found at yard sales, clearance sales at the craft store, ‘stuff’ I found on vacation, ‘stuff’ people gave me, scraps from past projects and a large assortment of glue guns are all stored in my craft room, ready to become something awesome and it’s finally SOME DAY!

So Dear Readers, let’s see just where our imaginations can take us and how much awesome stuff we can create on this blog.  I welcome and look forward to your comments, ideas and queries.

Imaginations HO!