Another Kitchen Wall Organizer.

checherboard and coffee 015

If you don’t have much room or just want a little decoration for your kitchen, You can do a smaller version of the kitchen wall organizer.

Using one of the plaques I got from a rummage sale this month and a $1.00 tea towel from the dollar store, I put together a little wall hanger in a tea theme.

I found a poem on line, that could be about either coffee or tea:  The author was unknown, so I can’t give proper credit here.

Today I’d like to sit and sip

Forget the world for just a bit

Ignore the tings I have to do

And just enjoy a cup or two.

I typed the poem with a cross stitch font and just ran it off on my computer, then I cut out around the poem and added some color using a stamp pad in a complimentary color.

Then I laid the tea towel on my copier and made a color copy so I would have a decal for my plaque that matched my towel exactly.  I deco padged them both to the plaque.

october crafts 006 october crafts 007october crafts 008

Once dry, I added a hanger for the tea towel and I had a teapot shaped cork piece that seemed to go well with the theme, so I added it with some hot glue.

Quick project, you can design it in any theme you wish and add your own touches.  How about attaching a little basket to hold your favorite tea bags?

checherboard and coffee 015

Sit and Sip Awhile!


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