Appetizer Table

app table and book centerpiece 007


I always like to have appetizers for my dinner guests, but can never quite make them work on my table scape or work them into the buffet, so I decided to take one of the 16X18 pressed boards I got from a rummage sale and create a special place just to serve my appetizers.  I have had a lot of fun with this project and the added help and enthusiasm of Fraulein Kuchengottin has made it even more special.

For this project, I used;

a 16 X 18 inch pressed board with beveled edges

walnut wood stain

a full page picture from scrap book paper

deco podge

black and gold spray paint

an 8 X 10 picture frame

three plastic pill bottles (varying sizes)

an old table left over from daughter’s wedding

decorations that complimented the picture.

letters cut on my die cut machine from black vinyl adhesive paper.

Gorilla Glue epoxy.

I started by staining the wood.  I chose a piece of scrap book paper that was a large scroll, cut it out and then using the die cut machine, cut out the saying I wanted from the adhesive backed vinyl and attached it to the scroll.

toy box, phone holder, appetizer tray 032 toy box, phone holder, appetizer tray 033 toy box, phone holder, appetizer tray 034

toy box, phone holder, appetizer tray 036

I attached the scroll paper to the wood with a good coat of deco podge and then gave it multiple coats of the deco podge, until I had a nice smooth finish.  This took several days as it needs to dry well in between coats, so generally I gave it a coat in the morning and each evening for about 4 days.

toy box, phone holder, appetizer tray 039

While I did that, I worked on my other pieces.

I sliced the medicine bottles on the diagonal and sanded the edges to make them smooth.  Then I spray painted them black.  They didn’t have the “pizazz” I wanted, so I tried giving them a spritz of gold spray paint while the black paint was still wet – I loved the effect, so I used it on my picture frame and the base table.

lady busg and bottles 001 app table and book centerpiece 002 ap table and checker board 006

I only wanted the corners of the picture frame, so I measured half of the width and then measured the same distance on the length and made the cuts like this:ap table and checker board 005

I actually cut the frame first, and then painted it, but forgot to take a picture of the initial cut.  This picture shows the nice, burnished effect spritzing on gold spray paint over the black gives the piece.

Once all of the pieces were dry, I assembled the table using epoxy to attach the corners of the frame to the corners of the table top and to attach the table top to the frame.   Hot Glue just wouldn’t work this time.

ap table and checker board 007

I did not permanently attach the cups, to give me more freedom to make arrangements on my table top.   Then I added a candle and some decorations fitting with the theme of the board.

ap table and checker board 009 ap table and checker board 008

the medicine cups made the perfect place to hold napkins, small forks and wood picks for the appetizers.

Here is the finished project;

app table and book centerpiece 008 app table and book centerpiece 007

You can place it anywhere your guests will be gathered before the meal and give them easy access to your appetizers and make them envious of your talents! Only you will know this was all made with scraps and left overs.   I can think of many designs you could use to personalize your table.  Make it to suit your tastes and décor.

Bon’ A ‘petite’






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