An Attitude of Gratitude

app table and book centerpiece 036

What can you do with an old phone book, some paint and $3.00 worth of silk flowers from the dollar store?  Create a beautiful table centerpiece for your holiday table or buffet!

What you’ll need:

old phone book

spray adhesive

paint, spray  and acrylic,  a wide paint brush and a sponge brush

silk flowers

a candle you have on hand.

I think HOUSEMATE may be coming around to my blogging projects – He came home from work the other day and asked (as only he can) .  “Why are you painting a phone book?”  My standard reply, “I’m making something”.  No eye roll, No sigh!  “I’m sure it will be lovely,” was the reply!  “Who are you and what have you done with my husband?”

Cover youw work area well, and you may want to wear some disposable plastic gloves to get this project started.   Lay out your phone book at about the half way open point, then flip through each side, giving the pages a spray as you flip through to adhere the pages together in a book like shape.  It took me several times, to get all the pages to stick.  I made the top few pages rise slightly at the center to give it an old book appearance. 

app table and book centerpiece 003 app table and book centerpiece 004 app table and book centerpiece 005

Once you have the shape you want and the adhesive has dried.  Paint it with spray paint.  I used an ivory color.  It took several coats.


app table and book centerpiece 006

When the book is an even base color and completely dry, we will use some basic paint strokes to make it look antique.  I used a dark brown and gold for the pages

Start with the page edges, using a sponge brush, apply gold paint to the page edges to give them a gilded look.

app table and book centerpiece 016 app table and book centerpiece 017

Next, to make the open pages look antique, take a wide brush dipped in water, dip one corner in your dark brown paint, then lay is lightly on a paper towel to absorb the excess paint and water and make a couple of straight strokes down a sheet of scrap paper to get a shadowed effect with your paint.  then starting at one corner, make a single brush stroke down the edge of the page, repeat on all page edges.  Then with just water, use a clean brush to gently blend the brown paint all over the page.

app table and book centerpiece 018 app table and book centerpiece 019 app table and book centerpiece 020 app table and book centerpiece 021app table and book centerpiece 022app table and book centerpiece 023app table and book centerpiece 024app table and book centerpiece 026

Allow your pages to dry completely.

Next choose a text for your book, I chose a saying I particularly liked;

not what we say about our blessings,

buy how we use them, is the

true measure of our gratitude”

You have several options here, if you have beautiful hand writing or are good at calligraphy, you might want to scribe your saying onto your book by hand.  Since I have neither of these qualities, I chose to stamp the on with some block stamps.  I added a leaf stamp at the bottom of one page to compliment the flowers I was going to use for decorations.

app table and book centerpiece 027 app table and book centerpiece 029

I picked up some very inexpensive fall flower stems at the dollar store and began placing them around the book until I got the look I liked.  I also had an old pillar candle on hand that matched the theme, so I incorporated that into the centerpiece.

Once I hade the flowers placed as I liked them, I hot glued them in place and then incorporated some wired ribbon into the arrangement.  Holding it in place with wire and hot glue.

app table and book centerpiece 030 app table and book centerpiece 031 app table and book centerpiece 032

There it is, a lovely centerpiece that no one will ever know is an old phone book – unless you want to brag about your creative powers!

app table and book centerpiece 034

Fuzzie Feline #2 likes it, too!

Fraulein K 001


Let us all see your centerpiece!  Submit it to this blog or our face book page.



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