Lazy Susan

  Since I first laid eyes on one of these, I knew I had to make my own.  Table Top Lazy Susans made from wine barrel lids. The biggest challenge was finding a wine barrel lid that didn’t eat into my retirement fund.  They are on the expensive side.  You also have to have the turn […]

Clever Ice Melt Container

The recent icy weather got me thinking, there must be an easier way to spread ice melt rather than drag is out of the shed and spread it by hand. I had picked up this butter churn at the Boone County Unique store in Advance, IN on my last visit.  I thought it would make […]

This Rusty Ol’ Thing

From this                                                                                       to this with just a little elbow grease and paint. I found this Rusty Ol’ Thing on the floor of the Boone County Uniques store in Adance, IN.  the shop owner told me it was an old feeder pan, but it looked like it could be something more to me.  I took it […]

Skillet Breakfast Set

Today’s post is a little different, but since January is dedicated to trying new things I decided to post it.  On my last trip to find more treasures, I had breakfast at one of my favorite places in Pigeon Forge, TN.  The Apple Barn Restaurant.  I ordered a skillet breakfast that was served in a […]

More Photo Transfers

  During a shopping trip to a new craft shop in town, HOUSEMATE picked up a piece of sliced wood, still with bark, sanded and neatly packaged, ready for use,  He said, “I’ll bet you could do something interesting with this.”  I turned it over and saw the $15.00 price tag and said, “I think […]

Photo Transfers

I didn’t really believe this would work, even though I watched a tutorial demonstration on u-tube, but still I had to try it. I used Mod Podge photo transfer medium. In this instance I did buy a canvas on sale at the local craft store.  It could be made by stretching burlap over a wood frame, […]

Spray Painting on Glass

My first attempt at spray painting on glass was a complete disaster, but I learned A LOT.  First, don’t try to get too detailed, second, use light multiple coats and third, remove tape or stencils within a few minutes of painting and fourth, never underestimate where spray paint will go – I painted my camera! […]

More glass painting techniques – Wednesday

Today, I tried some different techniques. These are VERY easy to do.  My favorite, again was the frosted paint, but the others are unique, too. I started the first project with frosted glasses, again purchased at the local glass outlet store for less than $1.00 each If you don’t happen to have frosted glasses, you can […]

Hand Painting Glass

I have admired hand painted wine glasses for some time, so I had to try them! Purchasing wine glasses at the local glass outlet for less than $1 each, I experimented with all kinds of techniques.  some worked, some didn’t I loved hand painting the glasses.  Here are two of my favorite hand painted sets […]

Glass Painting -Valentine Vase

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Santa brought me some new craft mediums to try.  I’ve had so much fun with them! The first thing I tried was glass painting.  I got three boxes of Martha Stewart products, some gloss opaque glass paint, some frost glass paint and a sprayer kit.  I also got […]