Doggie Coat

We acquired Big Black Dog by chance at the first of May this past year.  By chance, I mean I was buying cat food and came across the animal shelter set up at the local pet store.  There, in the middle of 6 loud yapping dogs, calmly lay this beautiful lab mix.  It was love at […]

Growler Lamp

I found this cute growler at a flea market while visiting Tennessee last month.  I thought it would make a great addition to the den.  I wasn’t having any luck finding inexpensive lamp works and then I came across this small lamp at a rummage sale – complete with shade for $1.00!  Problem solved! I took the […]

Garden Apron

A burlap peanut bag and some old jeans turn into a handy garden apron. Before I allow you to read any further, I must insert this disclaimer: I am NOT a seamstress!  In fact it had been about 30 years since I undertook a sewing project, and honestly, at the completion of this one, I […]

Unique shot glass holder

While at the local glass outlet, I came across some very unique shot glasses and thought they would make a pretty nifty project.  I used one of the wooden blocks I got at the thrift shop, some puffy paint and some spray paint. Drill holes at an angle in the top of the block so […]

Vanity Set

This is a project that I saw many years ago, and have wanted to do it since. By removing part of the silver from the back of a mirror, you incorporate the fabric covering into the mirror reflection.   When I brought this old mirror home, I did not realize that it had a plastic backing […]

An Attitude of Gratitude

What can you do with an old phone book, some paint and $3.00 worth of silk flowers from the dollar store?  Create a beautiful table centerpiece for your holiday table or buffet! What you’ll need: old phone book spray adhesive paint, spray  and acrylic,  a wide paint brush and a sponge brush silk flowers a […]