Rain Chain

Only one piece left from this month’s rummage sale bargains, a copper watering can.  I had originally thought of making a wind chime with it, but then daughter suggested a rain chain – brilliant girl that she is! I used the copper watering can four copper colored, light metal, leaf shaped  ‘thingys’ that I picked […]

Fraulein Kuchengottin

All my favorite recipes begin in the same way: “Open a bottle of Wine”  So that is how Fraulein and I started our evening of cooking together. Fraulein’s first recipe was  Spinach and Ham Pinwheels. Starting with a sheet of crescent dough, Fraulein pressed it out on a small cookie sheet.  She then mixed an 8 oz. […]

Appetizer Table

  I always like to have appetizers for my dinner guests, but can never quite make them work on my table scape or work them into the buffet, so I decided to take one of the 16X18 pressed boards I got from a rummage sale and create a special place just to serve my appetizers.  […]

October Wrap Up

So here are just a few of this month’s Rummage Sale Remake projects.  I certainly have had a good time with them. Many Many Special Thanks to Fraulein Kuchengottin for her help with the presentation of the appetizer table and for the many great recipes.  (find them under the recipe tab). Next month’s theme is […]

Kitchen Organizer

Taking one of the 16 X 18 pressed wood boards I got at a rummage sale last month, I decided to turn it into a kitchen wall organizer.  This could be done in any décor and made to match any kitchen.  I went with a retro red checkered table cloth look.  The paint job took […]

Another Kitchen Wall Organizer.

If you don’t have much room or just want a little decoration for your kitchen, You can do a smaller version of the kitchen wall organizer. Using one of the plaques I got from a rummage sale this month and a $1.00 tea towel from the dollar store, I put together a little wall hanger […]


While browsing Pintrest recently, I came across several Halloween centerpieces using witch shoes.  I thought they were so cute, but the ones offered for sale were quite expensive – as high as $57.00!  Yesterday, I was perusing a local second hand store and came across a cheap pair lf ladies boots that would work well […]

Toy Chest

A little over a year ago, I met the Most Amazing Child Ever!  He is brilliant and way too good looking for his own good, charming and perfect in every way.   Someday soon, he will be able to talk and he will call me Mamaw! Well, MACE has managed to get quite a collection of […]

That Hat!

A few weeks ago, I visited a thrift shop one Saturday morning and I came across this old hat.  It spoke to me somehow and though I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do with it, I bought it and added it to my treasures.  Now HOUSEMATE groaned out loud and then […]

Rummage Sale Remakes for September

Hey Gang! Contessa here with this month’s first batch of project posts.  This month is a ‘Rummage Sale Remakes’ theme.  I’ve been collecting treasures from garage sales, thrift stores and various sales lately and now I intend to turn them in to something useful and fun.  Pictured above are some of the items.  Some large […]