Sea Side Travel Journal

I always seem to find myself in possession of several notebooks used by businesses to advertise their company and products.  They are general a really handy size to easily slip into your purse or suitcase.  But they are usually ugly, so I have this irresistible urge to decorate them and turn them into a treasure […]

Sea Side Zen Garden

This picture of a beach at Cape Cod hangs on my living room wall.  It was taken by my daughter and I look at it daily when I need a Zen moment.  This month’s featured project is a sea side table top Zen garden to enhance  the moment. Using many beach items I’ve collected through the […]

Sea Shell Jewelry

Standing in the surf on Sanibel Island, holding this shell, HOUSEMATE inquired, “What do you have there?”  I showed him this shell.  “It’s broken, it’s got holes in it” he replied.   “Yes, I know, it’s PERFECT”.   “Sigh”.   Three symmetrical holes on each side, this shell was just begging to come home with me and become a […]

Beachy Candle Holder

During a trip to Lake Erie, I gleaned several pieces of drift wood off the beach.   These can be used in all sorts of decorating ideas.  I chose to make a candle holder with one of the pieces. You will need: Driftwood beach themed decorations a tea light candle hot glue First decide where you […]

Sea Shell Roses

I accumulated quite a few of these lovely peach and yellow pearly shells from the beaches of Ft. Myers Beach in Florida.  They are so delicate, they look like rose petals.  Hm… If you like jigsaw puzzles, you’ll love this craft. I started with a spiral shell to serve as the center of my rose.  […]

Flat Stone Masterpieces

One other cool thing I found on the beaches of Lake Erie were smooth, flat stones.  they make great ‘canvases’ for painting.  Now, before you click off this page, thinking you are not an artist, neither am I, but with a few simple techniques, you can create a beautiful stone picture for garden or mantle.  […]