The Christmas Candle 12/24

candle 008


     In Victorian times, candles represented good will for those less fortunate and were placed in windows December 25 to January 6 to welcome any passerby needing shelter and food.

     Certain beliefs were attached to candles. Some people believed the flames from the burning candles frightened away evil spirits during the darkest days of the year.
     The Norwegians believed that Christmas candles must not burn out on Christmas Eve or bad luck would plague the family. Legends tell us that candles in windows guide the Christ Child as He wanders from house to house on Christmas Eve looking for a place to stay. Thus, no traveler can be turned away on Christmas Eve in case the Christ Child might come by.
     The custom of lighting candles on trees indoors started in Germany. To them, the candles represented the stars and is one custom that founded its way to America.
     Today, especially at Christmas, candles signify the message of the season. A candle burning in the window of some Christian homes symbolically lights the way of the Holy family, as well as welcomed guests.
Martin Luther was the first to place candles on a fir tree.  Inspired by a trip through the woods and night and the comfort he got from looking up at the stars during his journey.  
Another easy craft especially with kiddos in mind. I used some scraps of felt.  Cut out a white square about the height I wanted my candle to be.  Then I rolled it into a candle shape and secured the seam with hot glue.  Next I cut out a piece of orange felt to resemble a flame and attached that at the top of the candle.
candle 005 candle 006
Once you have your basic candle, the fun part is decorating it with bits of felt, berries, or other fun items.  I used green felt cut into the shape of holly leaves and the attached some red berries from an old floral piece.
candle 007 candle 008
Attach a hanger to the back with hot glue and it’s ready for the tree.
This is the final of 24 days of Christmas Legends and ornament craft projects.  I hope you have enjoyed as much as I have.
Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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