Christmas Legends

Do you know why every Christmas tree should have a bird’s nest?

How did the Poinsettia come to be associated with Christmas?  How about the Christmas Rose?

Do you hide a pickle in your tree every year?

How did the Robin get it’s red breast? and how is that associated with Christmas?

Starting tomorrow, December 1, I have a daily craft project simple enough for you to do with your kiddos, each one involving a Christmas story/legend. One every day until December 25th.   I’m thinking it would be like a working advent calendar and at the end, you would have a lovely legend tree decorated with hand made ornaments and some great memories with your kids.

Let’s start today with the fir tree:

The evergreen tree was first decorated to celebrate the winter solstice.  It symbolized that winter would come to an end.  The practice was carried through to the modern day Christmas tree we have now.  

Some basics supplies you will need for these very simple craft projects will be;

Hot Glue, of course

White glue or deco podge

Lots and Lots of glitter

acrylic paint, basic colors, black, white, brown, red and green.

Felt in Christmas colors

thin ribbon and/or paper clips for hangers

two or three red and white chenille stems

some tiny black beads or black chenille stems

some white pearls from an old necklace

about 18 inches of 1 and 1/4 inch white satin ribbon


some holiday floral picks with berries and other decorations.

a container of white Crayola air dry clay.

I hope you will send me some picture of the ornaments you make for your tree.  Have fun sharing each legend/story

Happy Crafting!




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