Clever Ice Melt Container

ice melt container 006

The recent icy weather got me thinking, there must be an easier way to spread ice melt rather than drag is out of the shed and spread it by hand.

I had picked up this butter churn at the Boone County Unique store in Advance, IN on my last visit.  I thought it would make a nifty container to set on my front porch and hold my ice melt to have it ready for the next winter storm.


First a quick coat or two of cream colored spray paint.  I removed the handle and replaced it with an old toy shovel from the shed and painted it to match.

ice melt container 001

I found a simple picture on line keeping with the theme of ice and snow.  Mr. and Mrs. Snowman.

I traced the outline of the picture using carbon paper.

ice melt container 002

Next, I chose the colors I wanted to use and put a basic base coat of each on the figures – it took two coats. I made some random snowflakes by using the tip of a small flat brush and dabbing it in a circle using paint to match the rest of my picture.

ice melt container 003

Once the base coat of color is good and dry, you can begin adding highlights and shadows using the loaded brush technique we’ve used before.  Then add details like eyes and nose.

Finally I painted “Let it Snow” at the top of the  container.

ice melt container 005 ice melt container 004

A couple of generous coats of protective clear sealer and it is ready to fill with ice melt and sit on your front porch ready to use for the next glorious winter day!

ice melt container 006

Stay Warm,


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