More Cork Crafts

Still more corks lying around, begging to become something awesome.  My favorite saying, Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much comes to mind.  Why not incorporate this into a display using three Champaign corks in my collection.

grapes, magnets and jigglers 033

For this project you will need:  Three similar corks, small magnets,  polymer clay,  acrylic paint and small paint brush, sparkly nail polish, printable paper and of course hot glue.  Low temp glue will do fine with this project.


grapes, magnets and jigglers 026

Starting with the clay, shape your decoration.  In keeping with this month’s theme of Ode to Wine, I chose to make grape clusters.  I made several small balls of clay and about 6 grape leaf shapes. Assembled them into grape clusters and baked them according to the manufacturer’s direction.   Once baked and cooled,  paint them with the small brush in the color of your choice.  I used a deep purple and green.  After this paint had dried, I decided I wanted my grape clusters to be very special, so I added a coat of sparkly nail polish.


end products and retakes 007     end products and retakes 008

While you wait on your grapes to dry, you can begin preparing the cork.  Since I used Champaign corks, the tops are rounded and the bottoms are a cone shape.  Using a sharp knife, trim a small slice off the top back of each cork, making a flat edge to attach your magnets.  I of course, save all kinds of magnets and I just happened to have a piece about 1 and 1/2 inches long that I cut into three pieces.  Make sure the magnets are big enough to support your cork and its decorations on the fridge, but small enough that they don’t show from the front.   Self adhesive magnets that come in rolls from the craft store will work well if you don’t have any just lying around, but the self adhesive will not stick to the cork, so these must be glued in place.

end products and retakes 009


At this point, I must tell you that while I was trimming the corks, I had my hot glue gun heating up on the table.  Fuzzy Feline 3 jumped up on the table to inspect my work.  He gave me a couple of head boops to show his approval and promptly curled up next to my project on the table for a nap.  When I reached for my glue gun to attach the magnets, I noticed that Fuzzy Feline 3 was fast asleep with his tail in the puddle of glue that dripped from the glue gun and was now firmly attached to the table.  Not to worry,  I simply reached over and snipped off the glued fur with my trusty scissors, moved his tail and the glue gun and he didn’t even wake up.  So far he hasn’t noticed that his beautiful bushy tail has a hunk of hair missing, and I don’t intend to tell him.

Anyway. . .  Once you have the magnets attached, use your computer to design some labels that will fit around the base of your corks.  You can get quite creative with these using scrapbook paper, or plain white. I  used a page of mailing labels, with a small design in them and then chose my font and color to match my grape clusters. You can put any words or decorations on the labels you like.  Glue the labels in place at the base of the cork, the attach your decorations to the top part using hot glue for all.

grapes, magnets and jigglers 033


There you have it, a proud display for your fridge, hand made by you!  I hope you will send me some pictures of the designs you make!

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much,


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