Day 1 The refurbishing of the Grey Wolf

Grey Wolf's Den 11

With the car and truck fully loaded with everything we think we might need, Gas tanks full and BBD in the front seat so excited she can hardly sit still, HOUSEMATE and I begin our first trek toward the cabin we have now named Grey Wolf Retreat.  (HOUSEMATE fancies his totem is the grey wolf).  We leave our sleepy little burg in Indiana around 5:00 a.m. and arrive at noon to begin our great adventure.

The bank had cleared away nearly all of the trash and debris from the house and yard saving us a good two days work.  The electricity has been turned on and the new HVAC unit has been installed, but the water has not been turned on yet.  The house had been vacant for some time and the system for winterizing it was to cut off all the pipes.   Plumber is scheduled to arrive today.  Using bottled water and some strong bleach cleaner, I started my effort to get a space clean enough to unload all our ‘stuff’ and sleep while HOUSEMATE begins the daunting task of mowing the 3 feet of grass and weeds that cover the 2 1/2 acres.  He soon realizes that our mower is no match for the wheat field that is to be our yard.  As he explores the shed and guest house, he keeps commenting that we must have a lot of squirrels because he is finding stashes of nuts all over the place.  I thought he was being over dramatic until I looked in the old stove and found it full of nuts. Checking the old dishwasher reveals another huge stash. We decided we should probably get some new appliances.

Grey Wolf's Den 6

The plumber calls and says he can’t make it today, will be here tomorrow, he ‘promises’

We wash up with bottled water that we heated in the coffee pot and head to town for some lunch and to Lowe’s to purchase new appliances.   BBD has had enough of this place as she bounds in to the car, I swear she was clicking her heels together with that ‘there’s no place like home’ look in her eye.

New appliances purchased (they will be delivered tomorrow)  and bellies full, we head back to the cabin.  I’ve managed to make a space clean enough to haul in our ‘stuff’ and  BBD settles in among the suitcases seemingly soothed by smells of home.

My first purchase after we bought the cabin was two big rocking chairs and HOUSEMATE put them together.  It is our only furniture at this point.

wolf retreat 064

After more cleaning, and HOUSEMATE starting to clear away some of the overgrown bushes around the house, darkness falls and as we attempt to settle in for the night on the inflatable mattress that our son and daughter-in-law have slept on during their last two visits to our Indiana home,  and have solemnly sworn to us is ‘SOOOO comfortable”.  We discovered a disturbing fact about those children – THEY LIED!

The Before pictures:

Grey Wolf's Den 3 Grey Wolf's Den 7 Grey Wolf's Den 9 Grey Wolf's Den 12 Grey Wolf's Den 8 Grey Wolf's Den 5

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