Day 2 and 3 at the Gray Wolf

Long, Long night. Up at 1:00 a.m. because all the air has leaked out of the ‘oh so comfortable’ air mattress.  We add air.  BBD decides she need to go out, so I take her out the back door where she refuses to leave the porch, just stands there with her head down and her ears perked, growling. We both hurry back inside after about 30 seconds.  Attempting to sleep again, my work phone rings about 2:30.  I jump up throwing HOUSEMATE on the floor and my body reminds me I’m not 20 any more.    Crisis averted at work, about 3:30, we again try to settle in on the air mattress, giggling like school kids on a sleep over because the air mattress requires major acrobatics just to stay on.

Up for good at 6:30 on Day two. Body aching, but the birds are singing and plenty of sunshine outside – we are ecstatic with our new vacation home.   HOUSEMATE and I are sitting in our rocking chairs using a ladder for an end table when we hear this terribly growling.  We both jump up ready to fight off what ever wild beast has invaded our haven only to discover it is the coffee maker.   While I drink my coffee, I am searching on line for furniture stores near us.  My first priority has changed and I make plans to go into town and purchase a new bed.

I do my best to make myself presentable with hot water from the coffee pot to wash up and fresh clothes then I head to town and buy new appliances and a new bed.  On the way back, I stop at a little road side stand and bought the best banana bread I’ve ever had and some Amish butter and Amish ham for HOUSEMATE’s lunch.  As I picked out new appliances at Lowe’s I strike up a conversation with the gentleman helping me.  I told him what I was doing and he just happens to be in the mowing business, so  I made arrangements for him to come in with his heavy equipment and mow our ‘wheat field’

Back at the cabin, we unload the mattress and bed, but just put the mattress on the floor for now.  Someone is much happier now:

wolf retreat 062

Plumber is a no show again today, he ‘promises’ to be here tomorrow.

More cleaning inside and HOUSEMATE continues to cut down overgrowth around the house and yard and make some repairs to the deck.

Grey Wolf Estate 999 remodeling 1184

before                                                                       after


We attempted to find a hotel room to shower, but this is a holiday weekend and there is absolutely nothing available.


When we first looked at this place, we noticed that across from us is a neighborhood with very large houses and each one has a huge garage.  I remembered wondering why anyone would need such a big garage.  Well, today we discovered the reason.  This neighborhood is built around a runway and all of the houses have such big garages to accommodate their airplanes.  It was such fun to stand on our front porch and watch our new neighbors land and take off in their 2 and 4 passenger planes.  They performed all sorts of aerobatics and entertained us all afternoon.

Baths from coffee pot water in the bathroom sink and dinner of pizza and wine.  The idea of sleeping on a real mattress tonight is a joyful thought.

Day three

Up at 5:45 thanks to BBD.  What a difference a real mattress makes!

The plumber arrives early with the promise of water very soon – this day just keeps getting better!

HOUSEMATE and I take out all the old appliances and carry them outside with nuts continuing to fall out of them as we go.  I stripped off all the wallpaper in the kitchen.

More cleaning in the kitchen.  The cabinets are very nice ones, but they have been ‘Mouse Disneyland’ for some time now and I’ve scrubbed every centimeter of them with bleach and a scrub brush.  I feel comfortable to put away our kitchen supplies now! I start spackling the bedroom walls as whoever lived here before was nail crazy.

remodeling 1193

Multiple trips to town for plumbing supplies later, the water is still not on.  Baths with coffee pot water in the sink for the third day.  We are getting quite ‘fragrant’ by now.

Outside the grounds are full of Honeysuckle bushes, all in bloom and it smells incredible out there.  There is a huge magnolia tree at the corner of the garage/guesthouse also in bloom.

wolf retreat 055

As darkness falls, I sit on the front steps while HOUSEMATE chats with a new neighbor.  I looked just to my left and this is what I see –

wolf retreat 063

That is an 8″ board on the porch.  I run to get my camera and a broom.  I sweep him away with the broom before HOUSEMATE has a chance to see him.

Good Night All!






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