Day 4 at the Gray Wolf

Up at 6:30.  A quick trip into town for supplies and breakfast at McDonald’s

Once returned, we started ripping out carpet in the two bedrooms and I am reminded again that I am no longer 20.  I also remember why I no longer have carpet in my house – YUCK!

The new appliances arrive and HOUSEMATE gets them installed, he had to make some adjustments to the stove area, but genius that he is, it fits perfectly.

Grey Wolf's Den 6  Grey Wolf's Den 5


wolf retreat 061 remodeling 1200


The plumber arrived at 1:30 with the promise of water by 3:00.  HOUSEMATE begins battling some of the wasps and their nests outside.

I began to pull up carpet staples from the bedroom floors and there is the sweetest bird singing outside the window.  I hope he stays all summer!

About 5:00 p.m. the plumber says “IT’S READY”   Finally, inside plumbing!  He will flip the breaker and turn on our water!

1 minute   –   2 minutes   –   5 minutes    –   nothing.

Pump not working so HOUSEMATE heads into town once again and buys a new pump.

The mowing guy drops by to look at the yard/wheat field and he doesn’t think he can do the job, but he put me in touch with someone with a bush hog.

I start dinner using the Foreman grill and the microwave.  The microwave blew a breaker and HOUSEMATE  had to go outside and under the house in the dark to reset it.  A very brave thing to do if you’d seen what the underside of the house looks like.  However, I did save him from that big spider last night, so I guess we are even.

Four days without a shower, inside plumbing and lots of hard work, but we’ve made some progress on our first trip to refurb the Gray Wolf.  BBD is exhausted from sleeping on the mattress all afternoon and we are ready to pack it in and head back to Indiana in the morning.

Squirrels, mice, lizards, spiders and all kinds of birds – we have a regular wildlife habitat here.

The plumber is to come back tomorrow and get our new water pump installed and early Monday morning, we head back to Indiana still ecstatic about our new vacation home.  Once back, HOUSEMATE does the gentlemanly thing and lets me take the first shower.  It was THE BEST shower I’ve ever had in my life.

Never Fail to Appreciate Hot Running Water!


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