Doggie Coat

Fia model and rose 002

We acquired Big Black Dog by chance at the first of May this past year.  By chance, I mean I was buying cat food and came across the animal shelter set up at the local pet store.  There, in the middle of 6 loud yapping dogs, calmly lay this beautiful lab mix.  It was love at first sight.   I made my purchases and went back out to my car and told myself all the reasons I did not need to get a dog, but I found myself dialing HOUSEMATE’s cell number and discussing it with him.   About 10 minutes later, I was back in the pet store, taking BBD for a walk around the store.  She was quite well behaved, though she wanted nothing more than to be out of that store and away from her noisy counterparts.   So we purchased a leash and collar (pink, much to HOUSEMATE’s dismay), bed, bowls, food, toys, the works and headed home to the cornfield.  It was one of the best decisions we ever made.  She is a lovely dog, though she still has a lot of energy, she seems satisfied living with two old farts as long as she gets a regular walk and lots of munchy bones.   So – to get on with today’s project.  I thought BBD would need a coat for walks in the winter time.  I found ugly dog  sweaters for way too much money, but no coats befitting our lovely hound.   I had taken measurements to make sure I would get the right size when I finally did find the right coat for her.  Then one day, while browsing a local thrift store.  I came across this lady’s coat for $4.00 – hm…  It was a really nice coat, and would it have fit me, I would have worn it myself, but measurements confirmed that I could easily turn this into a unique and warm coat for BBD.

dog coat 001

First I cut off the sleeves and enough of the hood to leave a collar around the neck.

dog coat 002

Then using BBD as my guide, I began trimming the coat to fit her.  I cut off the pockets and rounded the edges.  Then I cut out around the chest area, and used the cut pieces to form a flap for her middle.

dog coat 005 dog coat 008

I trimmed the middle portion to fit her snugly and  attached Velcro strips on the middle and at the neck.  Experience note:  The Velcro would be fine for a smaller and perhaps less lively dog, but I am going to go back and use buttons or snaps. 

Fia model and rose 003

After an all over top stitch to give the coat a finished look,  BBD models her new coat.

Fia model and rose 002

See you later, BBD says it is time for our walk.



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