February Remake Challenge

The first remake challenge for February is this:

rusty ol thing and garage 001

One of my readers wanted to turn this old entertainment center into a play station for her toddler son.  While I have seen many ideas like this for little girls, I have not seen any for little boys, let’s see what we can do with this one.

First I sanded off the old finish and removed one of the doors.  With HOUSEMATES help, we removed the bottom broken frame and added rollers to the bottom.  I spray painted the whole thing hammered steel and gave it some bright red accents, just like the big tool box in HOUSEMATES immaculate garage.

bottle slumping 004

HOUSEMATE kind of got into this project with me and he attached some peg board to the open back of the piece. Of course, we had to add a jar filled with toy nails like every guy has in his garage.

workbench 001

Since this project is for a toddler, I did not want to use the metal hangers that would normally go on a peg board, so I found some semi stretchable cord and wove it in and out of the pegboard to make places to hang tools.

workbench 002 workbench 003

I found some half priced decorations at Hobby Lobby, added red shelves and door and a yardstick at the side.  Slipped some play tools onto the pegboard and…


workbench 004

Hope the little guy likes his new play area.

workbench 009 workbench 007

Don’t forget to send me pictures of something you would like to remake this month!




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