I Found My Marbles!

One day while perusing my favorite ‘ junque’ supply shop. I came across a bag of big blue shiny marbles – for 99 cents!

Noting my excitement, HOUSEMATE asked “What did you find?”

“This!” I replied, holding up my prize,  eyes now as shiny as the marbles.

grapes, magnets and jigglers 022

“What are you going to do with it?” He asked skeptically.

“I don’t know yet, but aren’t they cool?”


The marbles went into my new bag of treasures and joined my already overflowing stash in a box in my craft room.

So as I am creating this month’s ‘Ode to Grapes’ I am thinking of things I can turn in to wine and grape themed treasures.  What looks more like a grape than big blue shiny marbles!?!

Now where did I put them?  My storage system gives HOUSEMATE nightmares, but after just a little digging, I found the bag and began looking for a way to make them awesome.  With a stick Big Black Dog  gleaned from our front yard, some of the leaves from my $1.00 leaf vine, some scrap pieces of wired raffia and of course, some Hot hot glue, I began.

grapes, magnets and jigglers 034

Start with a base of three marbles, gluing them together with a good amount of glue.  Then attach the stick to the center of the base.   Start gluing more marbles in place as you move up the stick, rotating the bunch as you add them.  Your artistic eye will tell you where to put them.   Once you have a nice looking cluster,  wind some wired raffia around a small paint brush handle to make vines.  attach them wherever you think looks best for your cluster.   Add some leaves and VOILA!  a lovely accent piece.

grapes, magnets and jigglers 035 grapes, magnets and jigglers 036 grapes, magnets and jigglers 037 grapes, magnets and jigglers 038 grapes, magnets and jigglers 039 grapes, magnets and jigglers 040

Happy Creating!




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