Garden Apron

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A burlap peanut bag and some old jeans turn into a handy garden apron.

Before I allow you to read any further, I must insert this disclaimer: I am NOT a seamstress!  In fact it had been about 30 years since I undertook a sewing project, and honestly, at the completion of this one, I remember why.   Unlike HOUSEMATE who thrives on rules, details and patterns,  I hate them.  I also seem to have a knack for housing evil spirits in my sewing machine.  The little imps that break your needle, cause the thing to jam and make the straight pins jump up and stick you when you least expect it.  I also firmly believe that bobbins are tiny evil creatures from the nether world, bent on driving me to drink!  That said – on with the project.

While searching through some craft supplies, I came across a burlap peanut bag that was really cute.  Even though it is too late for this year, I thought I would like to turn it into an apron for the garden next year – not just any apron, mind you, but one with a special little pouch for carrying picked vegetables.  I generally like to visit the garden in the evening and when I find things ready to pick, I turn up the hem of my shirt and make a pouch to carry my goods.  The only problem with that is, you have to use one hand to hold it up and it gets lots of good dirt on your shirt.   So I thought I would just add a little pouch to my apron to carry my veggies back from the garden.

I opened the peanut bag by cutting the stitches on the side and bottom.  Then I cut the jeans apart and drew out three strips 2 inches wide, the total length  long enough to go around the sides and bottom of the apron twice – This will be my ruffle.  I sewed the strips together and then pressed down  a 1/4 inch seam on one edge, then turned over another 1/4 inch and pressed it again making a nice finished edge.  a gathering stitch at the top and my ruffle was ready to pin onto the burlap base.

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Now I must tell you at this point, I was sewing in one room and cutting  in the dining room.  I didn’t want to involve yet a third area, so I grabbed a thick towel and placed it on the table next to my cutting area  to press my seams.  This is when the evil spirits spread from the sewing machine into the iron.  When I moved the towel, I discovered the steam from the iron had penetrated it, ruining the finish on my dining room table!    Sigh.   On with the project.

Needless to say, I incorporated yet a third area in the house to do my pressing.

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Once the ruffle was in place, I wanted to make the pouch that would fit along the back of the apron, but I could turn it to the front when I wanted to gather veggies.  I cut out a piece of denim in the shape of the bottom of the apron ( did I mention I hate patterns?)  I did a quick turned hem across what would be the top of the pouch and then attached it to the back side of the apron, behind the ruffle.

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There was still a rough edge behind the ruffle,  and on the inside of the pouch, so I trimmed it down and used some double fold bias tape to finish it.

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This is the part where the bobbin acted up and jammed the machine.  I had to unravel the entire thing and re wind it.  Then I had to cut all the knots of thread off of my apron.

Once I had the machine up and running again, I made the ties and waist band by cutting two more strips, sewing and turning them for the ties and then cutting the waist band to the size I wanted, pressing it under on all sides and attaching the front and then folding it back and re stitching.

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Here it is, my garden apron – complete with a pouch that turns up to hold my veggies.  As you can see from this picture, I’m having  nice little bottle of wine to celebrate the event.

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The bobbins won!



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