Glass Painting -Valentine Vase

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Santa brought me some new craft mediums to try.  I’ve had so much fun with them!

The first thing I tried was glass painting.  I got three boxes of Martha Stewart products, some gloss opaque glass paint, some frost glass paint and a sprayer kit.  I also got some DecoArt multi surface paint that claims it will adhere to glass.  I tried multiple variations of all.  Today, I want to share my favorite – the frost paints,  I absolutely love the look of this paint on glass.

My first project was an old clear glass flower vase I had under the sink.  I washed it and cleaned it as recommended with alcohol.  Then, using my die cut machine, I cut out different sized hearts from common contact paper so they would adhere easily to the glass.

glass projects 008

I used the inside cut on the bottom of the vase, placing them randomly around the vase  and used a round foam ‘pouncer’ to paint around the shapes, applying several coats to the bottom, to make it darker toward the bottom of the vase, giving it a variegated look.  The pouncer and the frost paint created a rough, frosty look in the paint.  Then I placed the outside cuts randomly around the top half of the vase and pounced the inside making the colors lighter as toward the top.

glass projects 002

I let the paint dry for just a few minutes and then carefully removed the paper stencils. In a later project, I tried letting the paint dry longer than a few minutes and unfortunately, when I peeled off the contact paper stencil, the edges of the dried paint came off, also.

According to the boxed instructions, you can ‘cure’ the paint by allowing it to air dry for 21 days, or after drying for 24 hours, bake it in the oven for 30 minutes at 350.  I placed several painted pieces in a cold oven and then turned it to 350 as instructed.  Once the oven reached the proper temperature, I turned on the timer for the full 30 minutes.  Again, following the boxed instructions, I allowed the pieces to cool in the oven until completely cool.    Once dried, the paint claims it is hand washable or top shelf dishwasher safe.  I did try washing a piece by hand, and the paint stayed intact.  I attempted to scrape some baked paint off with a fingernail, and it stayed intact.

I tried putting colored water in the vase, below the solid paint to give it an extra dimension of color.  I thought the effect was pretty neat!

glass projects 004 glass projects 003

So here it is, my first completed glass painting project

Tomorrow I can’t wait to show you my hand painted wine Glasses!


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