Hand Painting Glass

I have admired hand painted wine glasses for some time, so I had to try them!

Purchasing wine glasses at the local glass outlet for less than $1 each, I experimented with all kinds of techniques.  some worked, some didn’t

I loved hand painting the glasses.  Here are two of my favorite hand painted sets

hand painted glasses 001   glass projects 007glass projects 006

For the first set, I used opaque gloss paint and a Donna Dewberry painting technique. Always remember to clean the surface you intend to paint with alcohol before you begin painting.

I double loaded a medium sized soft flat brush with the colors I wanted to use for my flower.

hand painted glasses 003

I made the first petal by a curved stroke upward on the glass and then, turning my brush, a downward curved stroke.  Practice this a few times, if you don’t like what you painted, the paint washes right off,  even after it is dried.

hand painted glasses 004 hand painted glasses 005 glass projects 023

then make four more petals around the bottom of the glass, just like the first one.  add a few green stamens at the bottom.

Let this dry and then give it a second coat.

Next paint the stem of the glass green to resemble the flower stem.  When I looked inside the glass, I noticed you could still see through the stem to the bottom, so I added some green paint on the bottom, just enough to cover the clear spot.

glass projects 025 glass projects 023 glass projects 026 glass projects 027

I wanted a little extra on my glass, so I added a stem going up one side with just a few curved brush strokes using a small pointed brush, then used a small flat brush to create a bud at the top of the stem.

glass projects 022 hand painted glasses 008

What the inside looks like is just as important as what it looks like from the outside.

hand painted glasses 009

On the second set, I put the stamens in first, then I used the same technique to make the petals, but I used the frosted paint and used the pouncer to dab on green paint on the stem of the glass.  I love this look!

glass projects 006 glass projects 007

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for baking the glasses in your oven.

Stop by tomorrow for some more techniques and designs!



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