That Hat!

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A few weeks ago, I visited a thrift shop one Saturday morning and I came across this old hat.  It spoke to me somehow and though I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do with it, I bought it and added it to my treasures.  Now HOUSEMATE groaned out loud and then laughed when he saw this hat come out of my car trunk.  Undaunted, I kept this hat on top of my desk and every day I contemplated how I was going to turn it in to something unique and useful.  The idea of a man’s desk organizer came to mind and I began thinking of how exactly I was going to do that.   On a trip to one of the local craft stores, I looked at clock faces, thinking I might incorporate one of them into the hat-desk organizer -thingy.  They started at $16.00! – Way too expensive!  So while at the local Good Will, I came across the clock figurine also pictured above – $1.00 and the clock was easily removed.  all it needed was a new battery!  I thought about making a slash in the top of the hat and incorporating a box of tissues into the thing, but HOUSEMATE let me know in no uncertain terms that “Real men don’t keep tissues on their desk.”  This was followed by a whole hearted affirmation from Son-in-Law, so that nixed that idea. 

Today, I got the hat off the top of the desk and set out to make a desk organizer out of it.  What Do men keep on their desks?

Paper Clips.

I found three old magnets in a drawer and held them under the top of the hat to see if they were strong enough to hold paper clips – They were, so I placed them carefully on the inside of the top of the hat and duct taped them into place.  Please note that I did use black duct tape at I thought it would be more “manley”.  It worked!

hat and home made decoden 010 hat and home made decoden 011 hat and home made decoden 012

What else would I find on a man’s desk?  Pens

There were two eyelet holes on either side of the hat, so I worked a piece of elastic from the inside, and across the side of the hat and back inside where I tied them firmly. This took a little work I had to use small scissors and tweezers to get the elastic through the eyelets. Now, pens can be inserted behind the elastic to keep them handy.

hat and home made decoden 014 hat and home made decoden 015 hat and home made decoden 016

Now for the clock

I decided where I wanted to place the clock face and then drew a light line around the base of it with a marker.  I wanted a very snug fit for this clock face so it would stay in place.  I made the initial cut in the center of the circle with a craft knife and then started cutting the circle, much smaller than my original marking, checking for fit as I went.  The actual hole was about a quarter of an inch smaller than the original circle I drew, and the clock stays firmly in place.

hat and home made decoden 018 hat and home made decoden 024 hat and home made decoden 019

I’m not sure about men, but I HAVE to have sticky notes on my desk.

The problem with that is the backing wasn’t heavy enough to hold the sticky notes upright, so I found a piece of cork board the same size as my notes.  I inserted the cork piece down into the hat band and attached it with some hot glue. (what else?) Then I put a piece of double sided tape on the cork and attached the pad of sticky notes.  It worked!

hat and home made decoden 021 hat and home made decoden 022 hat and home made decoden 023

One last item for my desk organizer – a calendar

I didn’t have a calendar small enough to fit onto this hat, so I tore the back off of my wall calendar and using a paper cutter, carefully cut out the months of a 2015 calendar.  Then I took a piece of card stock in a complimentary color and cut it just a little larger than my calendar pieces.  I folded the card stock in half and ran a line of hot glue down the fold.  Keeping the calendar pages neatly stacked together, I inserted all of them into the line of hot glue and then folded the top half down over the calendar pieces and the glue, then I trimmed off the top part of the card stock and attached the whole thing to the hat.

hat and home made decoden 025 hat and home made decoden 026 hat and home made decoden 027

hat and home made decoden 030 hat and home made decoden 028 hat and home made decoden 031

hat and home made decoden 032

Well here it is, my finished men’s desk organizer made from and old hat and some other scrap material.  HOUSEMATE had to admit he could see imagine this sitting on a man’s desk!

hat and home made decoden 033



  1. too neat! love the thought process and the tute! I might be a woman but I would love this on my desk 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us at retro re-pin! Also I hope you saw our new Creative Craft Challenge on Fridays for upcycled/recycled crafts? Pls stop by and join us, this month is soda bottles/milk jugs (and related).

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