Holly 12/19

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Holly is known for its vibrant red color, which stands out against the starkness of winter. But did you know that it’s also associated with males and is considered to bring men good luck and protection; the female counterpart to holly is ivy. A famous English Christmas carol, “The Holly and the Ivy,” uses the holly symbol to celebrate the birth of Christ. One line states that “The holly bears a berry/As red as any blood/And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ/To do poor sinners good.” Another line says “The Holly bears a prickle/As sharp as any thorn/And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ/On Christmas Day in the morn.  There is also a superstition that if a home is decorated with the prickly holly leaves, the husband will rule the household for the coming year, if the smooth type is used, it will be the wife who rules.

A very easy craft project for you and your kiddos, using green felt, cut out three holly leaf shapes.  Glue them together with hot glue and attach some berries pulled from an old Christmas wreath, add some glitter and a hanger and the holly is ready for your tree.   Remember, gals, use the smooth kind!

hot glue pictures 448 hot glue pictures 449

Happy Holly Days


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