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checherboard and coffee 011

Taking one of the 16 X 18 pressed wood boards I got at a rummage sale last month, I decided to turn it into a kitchen wall organizer.  This could be done in any décor and made to match any kitchen.  I went with a retro red checkered table cloth look.  The paint job took a couple of days and some strategy.

I started by giving the board a few coats of white spray paint to make a nice, smooth surface.  Then I wanted to be sure I would have uniform checks across the board, so I measured the width of the painter’s tape I intended to use on the back of a ruler, and measured the number of rows I could get onto the board – both diagonally and horizontally.   The left over space in either direction was minimal, so I divided it by half and taped off that much as a ‘frame’ around my board.

ap table and checker board 002

Next, taking the lines on the back of the ruler, I marked off each increment on all sides of the board and also in the middle, to make sure my lines of tape were straight.

Then I taped every other space going both ways on the board and spray painted red on the open squares.

ap table and checker board 003 ap table and checker board 004 ap table and checker board 010

Now while this paint has to dry thoroughly before proceeding to the next step, as soon as it is dry to the touch, carefully remove the tape.

Once the red paint is thoroughly dry, go back and repeat the taping process again, this time covering the red squares in both directions.  Now if you are like me, by the time I got to the last row of squares, I’d forgotten which lines I wanted to cover going the opposite direction, so start out placing one piece of tape in both directions to guide you.  

ap table and checker board 011

Spray a second coat of red paint and hopefully, when it is dry to the touch and you remove the tape, you will have a checkerboard pattern.

ap table and checker board 012

It’s not completely perfect, but will work for our planned project. This picture makes me a little dizzy!

Now at this point I had another idea for using this checkerboard design.  I took four empty jelly jars, painted them black to make legs, the cut out some ant silhouette shapes that could be deco podged to the board.  Add some red napkins and tableware, and you would have an adorable small table for a picnic!

checherboard and coffee 002 checherboard and coffee 001

But – Back to our original project.

Now comes the fun part, deciding how you want your kitchen organizer to work for you.

I wanted to include a spice rack and a message board on my organizer and some space for notes and coupons, etc.  Visiting one of the big box stores, I found some magnetic tins and a write on/wipe off magnetic board (on sale, of course) I had some cork squares and a hanger that I incorporated into the design, and I also decided to personalize it with a phrase that I cut with my die cut machine from an adhesive sheet. I also added one of the baskets picked up from a rummage sale.  I laid out my design and once, satisfied with the lay out, I hot glued everything in place.

checherboard and coffee 003 checherboard and coffee 004 checherboard and coffee 005 checherboard and coffee 006 checherboard and coffee 007

Put some hangers on the back at each corner and mount it to your kitchen wall where it will be handy and also make you smile each time you see it, because you made it yourself, and it is so cute! – an after thought, put some small screw in hooks on the bottom for hanging some matching dish towels!

checherboard and coffee 011

Always – Kiss the Cook!


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