Lazy Susan



Since I first laid eyes on one of these, I knew I had to make my own.  Table Top Lazy Susans made from wine barrel lids.

The biggest challenge was finding a wine barrel lid that didn’t eat into my retirement fund.  They are on the expensive side.  You also have to have the turn table works and a base.  This is not a frugal project, but I am thrilled with the end result.

I finally found wine barrel lids on line for a reasonable price.  I also had to purchase something for a base, I went to the local craft store and bought a round wooden platter about 15 inches in diameter.  I got the turn table from Menard’s.  I got a metal turn table,  I don’t know if these come in any other material, but if I could purchase a different kind the next time, I think I would.

I started by sanding the lid using finer and finer grit paper until I got it as smooth as possible.

rusty ol thing and garage 002

Rub the cat across it to make sure it is good and smooth

rusty ol thing and garage 004

Just kidding!

Next choose and lay out the pattern or picture you want on your piece. I used my computer to adjust the font and size of my letters to my liking.  Then I found a very simple drawing of grapes.

rusty ol thing and garage 003

Trace it on with carbon paper

rusty ol thing and garage 005

I used acrylic paint to fill in the words and base coat the color in the grapes and leaves, then added highlights and shadows.

rusty ol thing and garage 012 rusty ol thing and garage 013

Don’t forget to sign it, to make it your own unique design.

Then a coat of minwax to stain the wood.  Followed by layers and layers of spray on Clear Gloss finish to make it water resistant.

004 001

Once the piece is dry and thoroughly sealed, attach the turntable piece according to the instructions in the package.

I got so intent with getting the turn table on squarely and firmly, I forgot to take pictures.  Just make sure to use the proper screws and measure a dozen times to make sure the turn table is centered nearly perfectly as is the base.   I used the cross pieces of wood on the back of the barrel lid to attach the turn table to make sure the screws did not come through the front, but were secure. It also gives the piece a little extra height.


This whole process  took me nearly two weeks to complete, but I’m so happy with the finished product.  I’m hosting a fondue party this weekend to try it out!

Happy Spinning!




  1. Love this! I must make one in my spare time. Thanks!

  2. Very nice!

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