A Partridge in a Pear Tree 12/18

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We’ve all sung the looooong 12 days of Christmas song, but did you know there is a special meaning for every symbol?  While I’m not going to do an ornament for every one of the 12 days, I did like the partridge.   The link below takes you to the hidden meaning behind each of the 12 days symbols;



I used a pre made clay ornament for this project, easily made from air dry clay and a cookie cutter.

I went on line and found a picture I liked of a partridge, ran it off and then cut it to fit my ornament. I used a matching marker to color the outer edge of the ornament.  Using decopodge medium, I attached the picture, trimmed it to fit and then applied another coat of decopodge.  while still wet, I sprinkled glitter all over the top.  Once dry, add a ribbon hanger and your have a partridge for your own tree.

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Christmas is just around the corner!


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