Photo Transfers

I didn’t really believe this would work, even though I watched a tutorial demonstration on u-tube, but still I had to try it. I used Mod Podge photo transfer medium.

In this instance I did buy a canvas on sale at the local craft store.  It could be made by stretching burlap over a wood frame, but at half price, I wouldn’t really have saved any money.  The piece came pre coated with gesso.

I chose a picture near and dear to my heart and then took it to the local print store to have a laser print made.  All photos and prints in this process must be done on a laser printer, but Kinkos only charges .59 per print, so it is still very affordable.

glass painting 001

Apply a thick coat of the mod podge and smooth it with a soft paint brush.  You want this to be really smooth.

glass painting 002 glass painting 003

Place the laser print picture face down on the canvas and smooth it carefully.  You can buy an expensive rubber scraper to do this or you can use an old  credit card.

glass painting 004

Now comes the hard part, you have to allow it to dry for 72 hours.

Once the piece is completely dry, use a sponge to dab water on the entire surface.  You will begin to see the water soak in to the paper and the picture starts to show through.

CAREFULLY and GENTLY, begin to rub the wet paper to peel it off the picture with your fingers.  This process takes some time, re-wet the white paper if needed.  Then let the whole thing dry a little and repeat on any places that still are cloudy with a thin coat of paper.  At this second stage, be even more careful when you are rubbing away the paper.  If you get the picture too wet, or rub too hard, you will scrape away part of the picture. I found that ‘mom spit’ and your finger works well for these places.   I did have some areas where the picture was scraped, but I thought it added more unique personality to the piece.

glass projects 029 glass projects 032

When I got down to the final process of removing the very thin coat of paper still on the picture, I  also used a stiff paint brush to remove it.

glass projects 031

I did go around the outside of the picture, to scrub off some of the outline, to make it look more imbedded into the canvas.

I allowed the whole thing to dry and then added a couple of light coats of gloss sealer to bring out the colors and protect the picture.

wood transfers 003

I wanted to somehow frame this picture, but not with a conventional frame.  I experimented with several options, finally deciding to use an old thin rope, braid it and attach it with hot glue to the outside of the canvas.

wood transfers 009

Here is my final product, my very own ‘horsewhisperer’ – The Most Amazing Child Ever.

wood transfers 011

Next project we will transfer a quote onto wood.  I had some surprises with this project.

Happy Crafting







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