Quick Solution

The beautician in the assisted living community where I work said she was have a problem keeping everyone’s glasses sorted, once they took them off while she was working on them.  Here is a quick solution to this or perhaps other storage issues you may have.

I took a small wooden crate, about 8 X 12 and cut two balsa wood shelves to fit inside, securing them with wood glue

eyeglass holder 002 eyeglass holder 003

A couple of quick coats of pink spray paint

eyeglass holder 004

Add some whimsical polka dots just for fun and then a top coat of clear sealer.

eyeglass holder 005

Stick on some chalkboard labels so she can write her client’s name on the cubby where she places their glasses;

eyeglass holder 008

Problem solved!

Keep watching for our remake challenges this month.  We are still working on the sea scape table remake, but the weather has been just too cold to be able to pour the resin top in a ventilated area.



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