Rain Chain

Only one piece left from this month’s rummage sale bargains, a copper watering can.  I had originally thought of making a wind chime with it, but then daughter suggested a rain chain – brilliant girl that she is!

I used the copper watering can

four copper colored, light metal, leaf shaped  ‘thingys’ that I picked up at a rummage sale years ago, because I thought they were cool

an 18 inch copper colored chain from my jewelry cache

copper jewelry pins

shoe 010


I started by cutting the chain into 4 equal pieces and then using a nail and hammer, I put a hole in the end of the watering can spout and on each end of  three of the leaves. On the fourth leaf, I only needed a hole on the stem end.

shoe 014 shoe 011 shoe 012 shoe 013

I started with the bottom leaf, the one with only one hole.  These pictures are not the best illustrations, but I will try to explain.  Start at the front of the leaf,  run the jewelry pin through to the back and through the end link on a piece of the chain.  Using needle nosed pliers, bend the pin over the top of the leaf end and put the end of the pin down through it’s own eye so the whole thing makes a link around the end of the leaf.  Make a curlique at the end of the pin, so it stays in place through the eye . This seems awkward at first, but by the time I got the entire chain finished, it was a piece of cake!

shoe 015 shoe 016 shoe 017 shoe 018

Repeat this process, linking all four leaves and then finally attach the final link to the spout of the watering can in the same manner.

Hang the rain chain where you can admire it!

shoe 022


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