Rummage Sale Remakes for September

rummage remakes one 002

Hey Gang! Contessa here with this month’s first batch of project posts.  This month is a ‘Rummage Sale Remakes’ theme.  I’ve been collecting treasures from garage sales, thrift stores and various sales lately and now I intend to turn them in to something useful and fun.  Pictured above are some of the items.  Some large chip board squares,  laser cut 6 inch balsa wood circles, a copper watering can, some stacking cone baskets, four wood plaques, an old clock figurine, a bear figurine, a large furniture piece and an old beat up hat that ‘spoke to me’.  (HOUSEMATE groaned out loud when he saw me get that out of my car!)   Below you will find a Victorian wall grouping made from some of the circles and two projects I’ve wanted to do for a long time –  Solutions for holding my cell phones and chargers!  If you’ve ever had to crawl on the floor or move furniture to find your charger cords, these are for you!

Coming up later in the month are some projects I’m really excited about, a toy box for a very special young man, some kitchen wall organizers, A copper rain chain and Heaven only know what I’m going to do with that HAT!

One project coming a little later this month is my favorite this month, a stand alone appetizer table.  I always like to have appetizers ready for my guests before meals, but I never seem to be able to work them into the table scape or onto the buffet setting, so I turned one of the chip boards into a stand alone appetizer table that I totally love.  The best part of this project is I have invited one of my Domestic Diva friends to help me present this table with her own amazing appetizer recipes. I can’t wait to be able to share that with you!

Hope you enjoy my projects this month and be sure to send me pictures of your own trash to treasure projects.

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