This Rusty Ol’ Thing

rusty ol thing and garage 007 003

From this                                                                                       to this

with just a little elbow grease and paint.

I found this Rusty Ol’ Thing on the floor of the Boone County Uniques store in Adance, IN.  the shop owner told me it was an old feeder pan, but it looked like it could be something more to me.  I took it home and stored it in the immaculate garage much to HOUSEMATE”S dismay for a few weeks.  I searched on line to see if I could find a similar one and perhaps some ideas as to what to do with it.  I found nothing, so I submitted a picture to some of my facebook friends.  I got guesses ranging from a feed pan, to a giant tart baker to a giant Reece’s PB cup maker.

One morning I tackled the job of removing the rust,  It used HOUSEMATE”S drill and a wire brush attachment – 10 seconds in, I decided to put on some safety goggles and a face mask because it created clouds of rust dust.

rusty ol thing and garage 008

I got most of the rust off, and decided I liked the look of it with a little rust on it and gave it a couple of good coats of gloss spray sealant.

rusty ol thing and garage 009 rusty ol thing and garage 010

Next, I wanted a little more color to it, so I gave it one quick spritz of shiny copper spray paint, leaving some dark areas showing.


For now, it’s sitting on my dining room table, it could be filled with fruit, or flowers or>>>






a fuzzy feline.

I’m thinking this will become a part of my garden scape in the spring, but for now, it’s a cat holder.

Happy Creating!


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