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I always seem to find myself in possession of several notebooks used by businesses to advertise their company and products.  They are general a really handy size to easily slip into your purse or suitcase.  But they are usually ugly, so I have this irresistible urge to decorate them and turn them into a treasure for my office desk, note book for my purse or a travel journal.

In keeping with this month’s theme, I decided to make a travel journal.

sea side zen gardens and owen 023

Here’s what you’ll need

a small spiral notebook

scissors and craft glue, a paint brush

binding for the inside edge.  I used raffia.  You can use what ever looks best with your theme

scrapbook paper or often I will use  a map of where I am  traveling

decorations keeping with your theme.

sea side zen gardens and owen 002



Before I started this project, I needed a cup of coffee, so I put Fuzzy Feline #2 in charge of keeping an eye on my materials while I went to get it.

sea side zen gardens and owen 005

She did a good job, and only at a little of the raffia.


Start by tracing the outline of your book cover onto the scrapbook paper.  Be very accurate with this, but if you make a mistake, you can always trim later.  do the same for the back cover.  Cut out small slashes to fit around the spirals.

sea side zen gardens and owen 008

Next, spread a thin even layer of craft glue on to the cover of your book and slip the paper in place, making sure you glue down the slashed edges around the spirals. Don’t worry if some of the original cover shows at the spirals, we will cover it up later. Let the glue dry completely before you proceed to the next step.

sea side zen gardens and owen 009

Next, insert the binding of your choice.  I chose some raffia.  Run it along the inside of your spiral, wrap it around the cover to hide the slashed paper and use a bit more glue to hold it in place.   Tie off the raffia. I added a small charm I made from a finding at a local craft store and some tiny shells and scrapbook leftovers.

sea side zen gardens and owen 019 sea side zen gardens and owen 021 sea side zen gardens and owen 022

Notice I got a new helper with this part. 


Decorate with themed items to your taste.  I used the charm, some shells and come cork letters to label my journal.  I used craft glue to secure the shells.

sea side zen gardens and owen 023

Your journal or note book is only limited by your imagination – I hope you send me some pictures of the ones you make!

Imaginations Ho!



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