Sea Shell Jewelry

shell jewelry 001

Standing in the surf on Sanibel Island, holding this shell, HOUSEMATE inquired, “What do you have there?”  I showed him this shell.  “It’s broken, it’s got holes in it” he replied.   “Yes, I know, it’s PERFECT”.   “Sigh”.   Three symmetrical holes on each side, this shell was just begging to come home with me and become a treasure.

I decided to make a pendant using some left over jewelry wire and pearls from another project.

What you’ll need:

  1. Shell(s)
  2. wire
  3. decorations I used pearls and some wire wrapped beads from an old broken necklace)
  4. nail polish
  5. jump ring
  6. tiny pliers.

shell jewelry 005

Coating the shell with a good layer of clear nail polish will enhance its natural colors and give it some protection. I don’t know if you can tell from these photos.

shell jewelry 006 shell jewelry 007

Once the polish is dry, you are ready to begin attaching decorations.  You’ll want to start by attaching the jump ring at the top.

shell jewelry 013 shell jewelry 014 shell jewelry 015

I cut about a 3 foot piece of wire and folded it in half, sliding the jump ring to the fold.  Then I pushed both ends of the wire through a large pearl.  I ran  the wires through the top opening of the shell and then separated them so one end of the wire went through the top hole on either side.

shell jewelry 017 shell jewelry 016 shell jewelry 019 shell jewelry 018

next, I threaded a pearl onto each wire, and pulled the wire down into the second hole and out the opposite side.   Make sure the wires are snug and make sure you use opposite wires each time.  Repeat this to place a pearl at each hole on both sides.  Then bring the wires to the front and twist tightly to secure.

This project was a little difficult especially considering it was Fuzzy Feline #4’s favorite project of the day and she helped – – A LOT!

shell jewelry 010

Once the wire is secure in front and snug around the pearls, you can decorate with other items like shells or beads.

shell jewelry 020 shell jewelry 021

I took each wire and clipped it off about two inches from the twist,  then I fashioned corkscrew curls and attached a wired bead to the end of each end.  I still wanted a little more decoration, so I added a third bead.


The way the pearls attached to the holes on either side, left some spaces on one side,  I thought I would fill these in with more beads.

shell jewelry 022


You are limited only by your imagination.  The colors and type and shape  of shell you use will determine how your piece goes together.  It may take some practice, but remember, these are unique creations!  experience point:  each time you add a decoration to your piece, let it hang freely on a chain.  each thing you add changes the way the piece will balance when it hangs.


Here are a couple of other shell jewelry pieces I did:

shell jewelry 024 abalone jewelry 003


I used a sparkly clear polish on the corkscrew shell and an opaque blue on the abalone that really enhanced its color.

Be Bold! create your own one of a kind pendant – and send me a picture




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