Sea Side Zen Garden

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This picture of a beach at Cape Cod hangs on my living room wall.  It was taken by my daughter and I look at it daily when I need a Zen moment.  This month’s featured project is a sea side table top Zen garden to enhance  the moment.

Using many beach items I’ve collected through the years, I set out to make a sea side scene I could touch.

What you will need:

small items gleaned from the beach and/or scrapbooking left overs, mini beach themed items

sand and potting soil if you want to put real plants in your garden.

a base container.

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I used this abalone shell that holds tremendous memories for me.  Back in the 60’s my grandparents lived in Laguna Beach, CA.  That was when it was an up and coming artist colony inhabited by ‘hippies’ and before all the development.  My grandpa would walk a block to the beach and pry these abalone shells, live, off the rocks.  He would prepare and eat the abalone and grandma and I would have these beautiful shells.  These days abalone are considered endangered and these beautiful shells are hard to get.  All the more reason to turn them into something treasured.

This is a very easy and quick project.  Start by layering potting soil and then sand into the base.

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Next take your miniatures and place them where you find them most pleasing.  In order to replicate my picture, I made a fence using small craft sticks.

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     add plants last and water.

Here are some other ideas for a sea side zen garden

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put some sand in a large fish bowl, add your favorite collection of sea side treasures arranged as you like.

At the beginning of this project, Fuzzy Feline#4 decided this bowl might be just the thing she needed to keep her youngster in line.

sea side zen gardens and owen 047

You know when you go to the beach, all your friends say, bring me back some sunshine – using a small corked bottle, I added some sand from the beach I visited, dropped in a few small shells and tiny pieces of drift wood. -Instant beach in a bottle and the perfect souvenir.

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Send me pictures of your sea side Zen garden


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