Skillet Breakfast Set

Today’s post is a little different, but since January is dedicated to trying new things I decided to post it.  On my last trip to find more treasures, I had breakfast at one of my favorite places in Pigeon Forge, TN.  The Apple Barn Restaurant.  I ordered a skillet breakfast that was served in a 6 inch cast iron skillet.  The meal was great and the presentation was so cute, I decided I wanted to re-create it at home.  What do you know – they sold those little skillets in their gift shop! so I bought two and carried them home to impress HOUSEMATE.

I created a recipe for this dish and you can find it in the recipe tab on this blog.

door sign 003

I’ve gotta say, It was even better than the restaurant!  The only problem was the skillets were HOT coming out of the oven and that encouraged me to create a special setting just for them.  On my last visit to ‘Keepers’ in Yorktown, Indiana, I had picked up two tiles that had been used for hot pads, complete with plastic  pads on the back side so they wouldn’t scratch your table.

skillets 005

I decided to use those as my base and then picked up a hot pat and towel set at WalMart for only $5.00.

skillets 001

I began by making handle cozies from the hot pads by cutting them to fit the handle, then stitching and turning them.

skillets 002 skillets 003 skillets 004

Next, I took the matching striped towel from the set, cut it in half and ran a binding stitch about 3/4 of an inch from the cut edge, then, using a seam ripper, I carefully pulled out some of the strands to fringe the edge of the towel – Instant Matching Napkins!

skillets 007 skillets 008

Now I had a place to set the hot skillet and a way to hold it while we ate.  But I wanted to give the whole thing a little extra Pazzaz!  What to do?  Wait! – I have a whole box of glass paint that will work on this tile!  I used the Ceramcoat multi-surface paint for this project.

I suppose I wanted the project to pay homage to my trip to The Apple Barn, so I painted some apples on the tiles.   I just painted the simple apple shape – two coats, and then using the loaded brush technique, I applied some shadows and highlights.  Because the colors I have are limited, I wound up mixing some colors to create them.

skillets 006 skillets 009 skillets 010 skillets 011

Finally, to tie in the napkins, I made a red strip at the bottom of the tiles using painter’s tape and then just added some tiny stitch marks along both edges of the strip.  Since these tiles already have the plastic dots on the back, I am unable to bake the paint on, so I will have to allow it to air cure for 21 days per the paint label directions.

skillets 012 skillets 013 skillets 016

There it is, a cute place setting for a cozy skillet breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning.

skillets 017

Be sure to check out the recipe in the Recipe tab!







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