Spray Painting on Glass

My first attempt at spray painting on glass was a complete disaster, but I learned A LOT.  First, don’t try to get too detailed, second, use light multiple coats and third, remove tape or stencils within a few minutes of painting and fourth, never underestimate where spray paint will go – I painted my camera!  Finally, not to worry if you make a mistake, a quick wash in soapy water will remove all the dried paint from the object.

The kit I got  from Santa includes: spraying medium, a lidded mixing jar, a can of aerosol that attaches to the mixing jar, and an extension tube to put in the paint.   The instructions tell you to mix paint and medium half and half in the mixing jar, put on the top and shake it well, then attach the extension tube to the bottom of the aerosol can and attach it to the top of the mixing jar.

glass projects 012 glass projects 013 glass projects 014

Holding the spray can at no more than a 45 degree angle, line up the specified marks on the sprayer and bottle and press the button.  TaDa! it worked!  My first project involved four colors, red, yellow, blue and green.  By the second time I had to dump the mixed paint, clean the jar and the spraying tube, I was ready to find a better way. I was wasting a lot of time and a lot of paint.   I found some small, airtight containers and began to mix my paint and medium in them, though the sprayer won’t attach to the top, you can hold it in place as you spray, and simply move the glass.  Now I only had to clean out the spray tube after each use, much easier and much less waste.  plus, I had pre-mixed paints for my next project.

glass painting 013

Another thing I learned was if you want to blend colors, you can transition from one color to the next and not rinse the tube.

glass painting 014

Here, I started with green, then dipped the sprayer into the blue to paint the glass stem and then finally, after a light rinse of the tube, blue.  This was kind of a neat effect.

For today’s project, I had two matching square vases under my sink,  I washed them well and then cleaned them with alcohol then taped off the pattern I wanted using painter’s tape.

Then I applied three very light coats of paint,  It looked a little rough at first, but as it dried, I was pleased with the nice smooth finish it produced.

glass projects 015

After just a few minutes of dry time (enough time to play a game of tug of war with Big Black Dog)  I removed the tape, being very careful not to smudge the wet paint.

glass projects 016

If you look closely, you will see some small smudges at the paint line,  before baking, but after the piece is good and dry, you can scrape that off with your fingernail or a flat metal object.  I used the edge of my scissors and some tweezers.

Once the blue paint was completely dry, I used the pouncer to make some polka dots on the side of the jar.  It took two coats to make them dark enough.  Once dry, I hand painted some letters on the dots.

glass projects 028

After allowing these to air dry for 24 hours, I baked them starting in a cold oven to 350 degrees for 30 minutes and then allowed them to cool complete before removing from the oven.

Add some ribbon and you can use them as a shower gift, filled with baby supplies or fill them with candy and favors and use as a shower decoration.

finished pictures baby boy and lace 001

Since I love the frost paints, I had to try it with the sprayer,  I loved the results.

I taped off the top of the glass with painter’s tape, the made added s strip of adhesive lace from my scrapbooking supplies, then another strip of painter’s tape

glass projects 020

I used tweezers to make sure all the tiny holes in the lace were uncovered.

glass projects 019

I used a lavender color and the spray technique above to cover the glass.  I only used one coat this time.   Allowing the paint to dry for just a few minutes, I CAREFULLY pulled off the tape and stencil – this was a very delicate print. But I turned out beautifully.

glass projects 021 finished pictures baby boy and lace 005 finished pictures baby boy and lace 003

Moving on to new things this week.  I am working on photo transfers onto different surfaces.

Just back from a cross country trip to gather some more treasures and ideas, I can’t wait to show them to you!




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