Christmas Bells 12/20

Bells announced the birth of a savior and continue today to remind us.  “I heard the bells on Christmas Day, their old familiar Carols play, and wild and sweet, their words repeat of Peach on Earth Good Will to Men.” Wanting something a little different, I cut the top off of a plastic soda bottle, […]

Holly 12/19

  Holly is known for its vibrant red color, which stands out against the starkness of winter. But did you know that it’s also associated with males and is considered to bring men good luck and protection; the female counterpart to holly is ivy. A famous English Christmas carol, “The Holly and the Ivy,” uses […]

A Partridge in a Pear Tree 12/18

We’ve all sung the looooong 12 days of Christmas song, but did you know there is a special meaning for every symbol?  While I’m not going to do an ornament for every one of the 12 days, I did like the partridge.   The link below takes you to the hidden meaning behind each of the […]

Two Turtle Doves 12/16

  There are several legends about the two turtle doves, but my favorite is the one from the movie, “Home Along”  We are told that the turtle doves represent friendship and love and you give one to a very special friend and keep the other one for yourself.  As long as each person has a […]

The Christmas Star 12/15

The story of the Christmas star is known by everyone, the night Jesus was born, a new star appeared in the heavens and led everyone to the child in the manger.  Unfortunately, my pictures for folding this star were lost, but this link has step by step easy to follow instructions. Once the star was […]

Christmas Stocking 12/11

There was once an old widower who had three daughters.  They were quite poor and while the daughters had come of age to be married, the father had no money for dowries.  One night, the three girls had washed their clothing and hung their stockings by the fire place to dry.  It so happens that St. Nicholas was visiting […]