Spray Painting on Glass

My first attempt at spray painting on glass was a complete disaster, but I learned A LOT.  First, don’t try to get too detailed, second, use light multiple coats and third, remove tape or stencils within a few minutes of painting and fourth, never underestimate where spray paint will go – I painted my camera! […]

More glass painting techniques – Wednesday

Today, I tried some different techniques. These are VERY easy to do.  My favorite, again was the frosted paint, but the others are unique, too. I started the first project with frosted glasses, again purchased at the local glass outlet store for less than $1.00 each If you don’t happen to have frosted glasses, you can […]

Hand Painting Glass

I have admired hand painted wine glasses for some time, so I had to try them! Purchasing wine glasses at the local glass outlet for less than $1 each, I experimented with all kinds of techniques.  some worked, some didn’t I loved hand painting the glasses.  Here are two of my favorite hand painted sets […]

Glass Painting -Valentine Vase

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Santa brought me some new craft mediums to try.  I’ve had so much fun with them! The first thing I tried was glass painting.  I got three boxes of Martha Stewart products, some gloss opaque glass paint, some frost glass paint and a sprayer kit.  I also got […]