Doggie Coat

We acquired Big Black Dog by chance at the first of May this past year.  By chance, I mean I was buying cat food and came across the animal shelter set up at the local pet store.  There, in the middle of 6 loud yapping dogs, calmly lay this beautiful lab mix.  It was love at […]

Garden Apron

A burlap peanut bag and some old jeans turn into a handy garden apron. Before I allow you to read any further, I must insert this disclaimer: I am NOT a seamstress!  In fact it had been about 30 years since I undertook a sewing project, and honestly, at the completion of this one, I […]

Unique shot glass holder

While at the local glass outlet, I came across some very unique shot glasses and thought they would make a pretty nifty project.  I used one of the wooden blocks I got at the thrift shop, some puffy paint and some spray paint. Drill holes at an angle in the top of the block so […]

Vanity Set

This is a project that I saw many years ago, and have wanted to do it since. By removing part of the silver from the back of a mirror, you incorporate the fabric covering into the mirror reflection.   When I brought this old mirror home, I did not realize that it had a plastic backing […]

An Attitude of Gratitude

What can you do with an old phone book, some paint and $3.00 worth of silk flowers from the dollar store?  Create a beautiful table centerpiece for your holiday table or buffet! What you’ll need: old phone book spray adhesive paint, spray  and acrylic,  a wide paint brush and a sponge brush silk flowers a […]

Rain Chain

Only one piece left from this month’s rummage sale bargains, a copper watering can.  I had originally thought of making a wind chime with it, but then daughter suggested a rain chain – brilliant girl that she is! I used the copper watering can four copper colored, light metal, leaf shaped  ‘thingys’ that I picked […]

Appetizer Table

  I always like to have appetizers for my dinner guests, but can never quite make them work on my table scape or work them into the buffet, so I decided to take one of the 16X18 pressed boards I got from a rummage sale and create a special place just to serve my appetizers.  […]

October Wrap Up

So here are just a few of this month’s Rummage Sale Remake projects.  I certainly have had a good time with them. Many Many Special Thanks to Fraulein Kuchengottin for her help with the presentation of the appetizer table and for the many great recipes.  (find them under the recipe tab). Next month’s theme is […]