February Challenge

Have you got some ‘junque’ laying around the house that is too cool to throw out, but you’re not sure what to do with it? Send me a picture and brief description.  February will be dedicated to turning your own trash into treasure.  I might even do a remake on your ‘junque’ myself!. Send pictures […]

Doggie Coat

We acquired Big Black Dog by chance at the first of May this past year.  By chance, I mean I was buying cat food and came across the animal shelter set up at the local pet store.  There, in the middle of 6 loud yapping dogs, calmly lay this beautiful lab mix.  It was love at […]

A Chilly Creation

  Since I did the witch’s shoe for Halloween, I’ve had an extra boot sitting on my shelf, waiting to become something else.  So I decided in the spirit of all the cold and snow we’ve had this week,  to do a ‘Frozen” themed craft.   I used  some of the wooden blocks I got at […]

An Attitude of Gratitude

What can you do with an old phone book, some paint and $3.00 worth of silk flowers from the dollar store?  Create a beautiful table centerpiece for your holiday table or buffet! What you’ll need: old phone book spray adhesive paint, spray  and acrylic,  a wide paint brush and a sponge brush silk flowers a […]

Sea Side Travel Journal

I always seem to find myself in possession of several notebooks used by businesses to advertise their company and products.  They are general a really handy size to easily slip into your purse or suitcase.  But they are usually ugly, so I have this irresistible urge to decorate them and turn them into a treasure […]

Sea Side Zen Garden

This picture of a beach at Cape Cod hangs on my living room wall.  It was taken by my daughter and I look at it daily when I need a Zen moment.  This month’s featured project is a sea side table top Zen garden to enhance  the moment. Using many beach items I’ve collected through the […]