The adventure continues- SNAKES!

Day 5

Heading home after our first long weekend at the Cabin, HOUSEMATE and I are feeling our age and also so happy with our new project.  We still have so much work to do.  As we are leaving the roofers arrive to start on the standing seam roof.  Somewhere in the middle of KY, the roofer called to let me know he found a 5 foot snake skin in our attic. He seemed to be quite amused to relay this information to me,  I was NOT!  There are few other things I am afraid of more than snakes.  For the next month I did some extensive research on snakes, particularly those in Tennessee.  It seems having snakes in your attic is not unusual there.  I even know what snake poop looks like, and having scrubbed every square inch of every nook and cranny in that cabin, I am satisfied there are none in the house.  I had to make a decision to make my peace with the snake population in Tennessee or giving up my dream, I named the snake Garrard and convinced myself that with all the ruckus of having the roof put on has caused Garrard to move to a more quiet location.


Day 6,7 and 8 four weeks later. . .

Our second long weekend to work on the Gray Wolf,  BBD and I headed out at 3:00 Thursday morning, stopped once and then munched pop tarts the rest of the way. ( She likes the strawberry ones.) Once there, I had to be very brave and go into the shed to turn on the water.  Making as much noise as possible, and allowing BBD to go first, I held my breath in the hope that Garrard had not made his new home in there.  No Garrard there, no water, either.  Once outside, I called the plumber -again – he is on his way.

Lots of taping and wall repair, then I started to paint the master bedroom. The room was painted a charcoal gray, way too dark, so a great coverage paint was necessary.  I decided to try Bahr paint as it is guaranteed to cover in one coat, I needed two coats – note to self, stick with Vaslpar.

remodeling 1193 dining room suit 001remodeling 1202

HOUSEMATE arrived about 2:30 Friday morning, leaving right after work on Thursday. He mowed Friday, while I continued to paint inside. Once the mowing was done, I got very brave again and took a walk in the yard.  I found a lovely pear tree and bunches of raspberry bushes! No Garrard!

This weekend, I also painted the walls,  mantle and trim in the living room.

Grey Wolf's Den 3      sewing machine 001

Our first official dinner cooked in our new cabin on our new appliances was hamburgers, after two hard days work, those were the best burgers ever.

We headed back to Indiana on Sunday, well satisfied with the progress we made this weekend.






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