Toy Chest

A little over a year ago, I met the Most Amazing Child Ever!  He is brilliant and way too good looking for his own good, charming and perfect in every way.   Someday soon, he will be able to talk and he will call me Mamaw!

Well, MACE has managed to get quite a collection of toys at Mamaw’s house.  These were competing for space on my already overflowing shelves of craft ‘stuff’.  The answer, of course was a toy box,  but it couldn’t just be any old toy box,  It needed to be as special as he is.

I found this piece at the Good Will store for $15.00 – it was labeled a ‘changing table’ but it is only 24″ tall.  Just right for a strapping boy of 2’5″.

toy box, phone holder, appetizer tray 001

I wanted this to be a quick and easy project, and honestly, I hate stripping and repainting furniture, so I opted to use spray paint for all of it, including the stripper.  I found a spray on paint stripper and it worked well for removing the varnish finish on this piece.   Easy, just spray on, wait 15 minutes and scrap off with a scraper tool  then a light sanding.

toy box, phone holder, appetizer tray 003

The three panels on the front were ridged,  since I planned to  make these chalk board and magnetic finishes, I wanted them smooth.  I filled in the ridges and wood grain with a coat of wood filler, applied with the same scraping tool.   Allowed it to dry and then sanded it smooth.

toy box, phone holder, appetizer tray 006 toy box, phone holder, appetizer tray 004 toy box, phone holder, appetizer tray 007

Next, I sprayed the whole thing with primer and then started taping off the next sections to be painted.

toy box, phone holder, appetizer tray 008 toy box, phone holder, appetizer tray 009

Again using spray products, I coated the two outside panels with chalkboard paint and the middle panel with a magnetic paint.   Experience Note:  the can of magnetic paint stated, ” the strength of the metal in this paint to hold magnets is dependent on the thickness of the paint.”  I put on several coats and tested, small magnets would not stick to it.  I continued to add coats and coats.  It took the entire can of paint on this 5X17 inch panel to make small magnets stick.

toy box, phone holder, appetizer tray 010

Once those panels were good and dry, it was just a matter of taping off and spray painting the individual areas of the chest.  I had already purchased some Disney ‘Cars” decals, so I selected red and cream colored spray paint to match.

toy box, phone holder, appetizer tray 011 end products and retakes 002

This entire project took about 4 days to complete as I spent a lot of time waiting for paint to dry thoroughly.

Once dry,   I just added the decals

end products and retakes 003    october crafts 001

then I went on line and ordered ‘Cars’ drawer pulls to match the theme.

I spent a little more on this project than I normally would, you could use any pictures or scrap book pictures to decorate and simply do a decoupage finish.

I can’t wait for MACE to use his new toy box!

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