Vanity Set

tennessee and finished vanity set and shot holder and cup light 256

This is a project that I saw many years ago, and have wanted to do it since.

By removing part of the silver from the back of a mirror, you incorporate the fabric covering into the mirror reflection.   When I brought this old mirror home, I did not realize that it had a plastic backing over the silver, making it a little more difficult to get the ‘fade’ effect I wanted in the silver, but with a little perseverance, it turned out pretty well.

You will need;

an old mirror

spray on, foam oven cleaner and gloves

a scrubber

a yard or less of fabric, depending on the size of your mirror.  I chose a pattern and colors that matched some earlier wooden pieces I had done.

(Honestly, I had not done any sewing projects for several years and I could not believe how expensive fabric was!)

and my old favorite – mod podge medium.

I also made come complimentary pieces from the extra fabric using

some paint and insulation tape and duct tape.

First remove any paper or cardboard backing from your mirror. Because there was a plastic backing over the silver on the back of my mirror, I had to remove it with a razor blade scraper before I could get the silver off the glass.  I scraped it just a little farther than I thought I would want my ‘fade’ on the silver.

app table and book centerpiece 009 app table and book centerpiece 012

Then, apply a generous coating of over cleaner to the area you want to remove the silver from the mirror,  make it thick at the outside, and thinner toward the inside.  Follow the Mfgr. directions, use gloves and a well ventilated area.   Leave the spray over cleaner foam on for about 15 minutes, then wipe it off with a damp paper towel and then rinse the entire piece will to remove all of the cleaner.  When you turn the mirror over, you will be able to see through the area where the foam cleaner was.  I attempted to get a nice ‘fade’ effect at the edges.

app table and book centerpiece 013 app table and book centerpiece 015

Now you will want to look closely at your fabric to see  how you want to place it on the mirror, making sure the fabric shows through the mirror the way you like.

10-14 vacation 002 10-14 vacation 003

Cut your fabric so it fits well over the clear area of the glass, then give the back of the glass a coat of mod podge, press in the fabric and smooth out all of the wrinkles, pressing it well into the corners and the edges.  then put another coat of mod podge over the fabric.  Once it dries well, you can trim off all the excess.

10-14 vacation 004 10-14 vacation 005 10-14 vacation 017

When it dries, it should look something like this;

10-14 vacation 007

I did opposite corners of my mirror;

Next you will begin covering the frame of your mirror with fabric,  again, look at it to make sure it will cover the way you want it to look and then measure the frame of your mirror allowing about a 1/4 inch excess for the inside where it will touch the mirror and enough to cover the back edge of the frame.  Cut strips of fabric to fit all four edges of the frame and then press under a 1/4 inch on each strip where it will touch the mirror on the front.

10-14 vacation 008 10-14 vacation 009 10-14 vacation 016

Use painters tape to cover the mirrored section of the  front.

10-14 vacation 018

apply a generous coat of mod podge to one length of the frame, both front and back.  Place the fabric with the ironed edge along the mirrored side of the frame, work the fabric until smooth all along the frame.   I cut the corners on the diagonal and turned them under to make a nice smooth corner.

10-14 vacation 019 10-14 vacation 020 10-14 vacation 021 10-14 vacation 022

Continue to wrap the fabric around to the back of the frame, using the mod podge medium to hold it in place.  I used a butter knife to make sure the edges along the mirrored edge were tucked in and smooth.   Do that on all four sides, then give it a top coat of mod podge medium over the entire frame.

10-14 vacation 023 10-14 vacation 024

While that dried, I wanted to make a couple of accent pieces to match my vanity mirror, so I found two heart shaped boxes that I had saved and the metal chair I picked up at a rummage sale.  I painted them with an off white spray paint.

10-14 vacation 011


I covered the tops of the boxes in the same way I did the mirror frame, using mod podge medium and smoothing fabric out as much as possible.  I wanted a smooth finish on the inside of my box tops, so once the mod podge was dry,  I cut pieces of complimentary color duct tape and sealed the inside top.

10-14 vacation 027 10-14 vacation 026 10-14 vacation 028

I wanted to use the chair as a jewelry holder, so I wanted a padded seat on it.  I looked around for some 1/4 to 1/2 inch type of padding,  I found some insulating tape in HOUSEMATE”S  supplies and thought that would do nicely.  I cut a paper pattern to fit on the chair seat, then cut a heavy piece of cardboard according to that pattern  and then cut the insulating tape to fit.  I cut the fabric large enough to cover and wrap around the entire seat cushion.

10-14 vacation 029 10-14 vacation 030 10-14 vacation 031

Wrapping the fabric around the cushion, I secured it in place with scotch tape and then finished the bottom with the colored duct tape.

10-14 vacation 033 10-14 vacation 034 10-14 vacation 035

There are several more items you might like to create for your vanity set,   Cover a tray in matching fabric,  make a simple sachet or cover a small round container to hold cosmetic brushes.  If you are sewing savvy, make a ruffled doily from the extra fabric.

Here are today’s finished products;

tennessee and finished vanity set and shot holder and cup light 255

Hope you give this a try.  It could be a really cute gift for someone on your list.


Happy Crafting!




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