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While browsing Pintrest recently, I came across several Halloween centerpieces using witch shoes.  I thought they were so cute, but the ones offered for sale were quite expensive – as high as $57.00!  Yesterday, I was perusing a local second hand store and came across a cheap pair lf ladies boots that would work well for this centerpiece, so I challenged myself to make the piece for less than $10.00.

My next stop was WalMart where I purchased:

shoe 001

1 sheet of green felt – .23 – ( they were out of black, so I figured I would spray paint it)

1/3 of a yard of boa feathers – .96

1/2 yard of black netting – .49

spool of sparkly green ribbon – $1.00

a Halloween rose – .97

sparkly spider – 1.27

and my one indulgence, green glitter spray $2.37

with the price of the shoes, the total expense came to $9.79

I studied the shoe and decided on my decoration pattern and began by removing the zipper tag on the boot and cutting out the small piece of leather behind it.  then, using a hammer and nail, I made holes for shoe laces along the opening of the zipper.

shoe 003 shoe 002

experience note: all shoes have an even number of eyelet sets for laces – go ahead and go check – I’ll wait.   Why do I know this piece of trivia, you ask?    I learned this because I only made 5 sets of holes in the boot and later, after lacing them with ribbon THREE times, I figured out what I did wrong.  I just had to improvise with the laces. 

Next, I painted the boot with black spray paint, and while it was still wet, I gave it a good coat of the spray glitter.  While it doesn’t show up too well in the pictures, it is a really neat effect.

shoe 004 shoe 005

While that was drying,  I started work on my other decorations for the centerpiece.  I wanted to make a fancy witch hat for a decoration, so I cut out a paper pattern that worked and then traced it on the felt, cut out the pieces, and glued them together.

shoe 007 shoe 008 shoe 009

The second thing I learned yesterday is that you can’t spray paint felt!  Who Knew?.  The best I could do was a greenish black hat.  I added a coat of glitter spray and it works well with the finish on the boot.   Then I dressed up my hat with a strip of the feather boa and some black leaves from the rose stem.  Then, coating the edges of the hat with white glue, I dipped the edges into some green glitter

shoe 025 shoe 026 shoe 027

Next came the laces, and I said earlier, I laced them three times before I figured out what was wrong, so then I just had to lace them to get the look I wanted and then improvise on the top bow.  I wound up making a separate bow and letting the laces just hang down the boot.  I glued the rose to the top of the bow, so you can’t tell they are not laced properly.

shoe 023

wrong way to lace.

As I was lacing up the boot, I stuffed it all the way to the toe with tissue paper to keep the shape I wanted.

Then, using white glue and green glitter, I decorated the heel, sole and middle seam of the boot.

shoe 028 shoe 029 shoe 030

Once the glitter on the heel and sole were dry, I began decorating the boot.  I glued the rose to the top of the bow.

I used green tissue paper and the black netting to stuff the very top of the boot.  attached the hat to the left over rose stem and inserted it into the boot.  Then I placed the spider on the toe of the boot and I now have a wickedly cute centerpiece for Halloween.

boot topper 001   shoe 033

Make your own witch shoe centerpiece, and Please, send me a picture.

Happy Witching!




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