Wine Bucket

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During my recent travels, I came across what is to date my favorite ‘unique’ shopping place.  Boone County Uniques on state road 75 in a tiny town called Advance, Indiana.  It is packed full of great treasures just waiting to happen.  On my first trip, I purchased several items including this old sewing basket.

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My first thought was to just refinish it and use it as a sewing basket, but when I got it home I decided on a little different use.   Those of you who read my blog regularly will remember the unique stand alone appetizer table that inspired creations by Fraulein Kutchengotten.  I decided to make a matching wine bucket for that table.

Using the same painting techniques, I finished the wood on the bucket to match the table.

hot glue pictures 551

When that was good and dry, I taped off the wood finished area and painted the bands and legs with black spray paint, giving them just a spritz of gold paint while they were still wet to give them a burnished effect like the appetizer table base.

hot glue pictures 555 hot glue pictures 549

While that was drying, I selected an accent from the same scrap book paper pack I used with the table.  The table boasts ‘once upon a time’ so it seemed only natural to use ‘happily ever after’ on the bucket.  Fuzzy Feline #3 helped me cut the piece to fit.

hot glue pictures 553 hot glue pictures 554

I cut the paper to fit the front of the bucket and then  deco podged it.

hot glue pictures 557 hot glue pictures 558 hot glue pictures 559

I found a plastic container just the right size to fit into the bucket.  I had to remove the hinged top to get it in, but it was just nailed on, so it came off and went back on easily.

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The final step was to attach a wine cork to the top of the bucket where the top folded back to keep the top steady and even and enable me to put wine glasses on it.

ice3 bucket and tray 002

Since I had all the supplies out and the mess was made, I decided to use an old wooden tray I got at a rummage sale for $1. and finish is to match the set.


I painted the whole thing black and added a spritz of gold while it was still wet.  I chose a picture of a castle on a mountain from the fairytale themed scrap book pack.

hot glue pictures 564

In order to give the picture an old look, once I cut out the general shape, I burned the edges slightly.  Working carefully near a water supply, I lit small areas of the paper edge on fire just for a second or two and then blew it out creating an antiqued effect around the entire picture.  This would normally be the time for HOUSEMATE to come into the kitchen and inquire why I was making a bon fire in the kitchen sink, but alas, he was at work during this project. 

hot glue pictures 563 hot glue pictures 565

Some deco podge to affix it to the tray and we have a complete, unique serving set to ring in the new year!

ice3 bucket and tray 001   sassy and ice bucket 002

Happy New Year to You and Yours!




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